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cosmetics and women

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Posted on: 12-09-14
How cosmetics have influenced women

A cosmetic is a preparation applied to the body especially the face to improve its appearance. The Oxford English Dictionary defines cosmetic as something that has the power to adorn, embellish or beautify especially the complexion. Something that which affects only the appearance superficial, intended merely to improve the appearance.

It has been found that cosmetics have been used from way back 6000 years by almost every society in the world. The upper class of the western world is mainly responsible for the popularity of cosmetics especially during the middle ages. It seems cosmetics were born in the Far East but later on became part and parcel of the society all over. Even the natives of the rural areas and the tribal’s used various kinds of make up for which they prepared some or other sort of facial applications. There are an incredible variety of cosmetic products in the market and in common use. This includes soaps and other cleansing products ,creams ,lotions , face masks, powders, colors for the skin and hair, eyes, lips, shampoos ,lotions soils, waving agents, fixers, bleaches ,dyes, polishes, nail colors, hair removers, bleaching and tanning preparations, dental care anti-antiperspirants, deodorants, perfumes, hygienic products and other aromatic substances.

Since this is the range of cosmetic products available it needs no further effort to explain the power and influence of cosmetics on the society. Advertisements on cosmetics have the power to influence and affect people more than the products itself. As advertisement is one of the major tools of marketing they certainly will project the product in the maximum positive, attractive and indispensable manner possible.

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