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Common Complications Of Infants

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Posted on: 11-09-14
Common Complications Of Infants

A mother should be fully conversant with some of the disorders a child might face and should take preventive or corrective steps so that the disorders do not assume serious proportions.

Some children, though not all of them, develop hiccoughs after having milk and it is quite natural and does not constitute a disease. But if hiccoughs last for a longer span and continue unabated, it does exhaust the little one, especially when his breathing gets interrupted and in this condition a doctor must be consulted for medical advice. Generally such hiccups subside automatically after a few minutes when no treatment is called for. According to some experts, hiccups are healthy sign for a baby.

Weeping and Uneasiness:
A child continuously weeps most of the time. But it should not be mistaken as a disease. There might be some discomforts felt such as pain in stomach, locking up of wind in the abdomen and gurgling sound, constipation, fever or pain in body, rashes due to continuous usage of nappy. The baby would also cry if urine or stool is not passed properly. Always have regular checkups done for the baby as you never know what the child is undergoing.

If there is pain in the ears, the child will try to touch his ear. Pain in the ear can also be due to some injury or blockage of nose or wax accumulation. Do not touch the ears, rather have the child examined by a specialist.

Skin Infections
A child's skin, being too sensitive and tender, is sensitive and tender, is easily affected. His face, hands, feet, neck may become itchy, develop cracks, may redden, as a first step a child must not be handled, touched or carried by any person who is suffering from any skin infection.

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