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Posted on: 07-10-14
Color your hair to perfection

If discussions involving you invariably resolve around your grey hair, it is time to give yourself a makeover.
Darker hair colors enhance the look of neatly cut styles and make men look youthful. If temporary hair mascaras, conditioners or trimmings have not been sufficient to conceal the silver streaks on your side burns and front flicks, it is time to hit the salon.
Men should get their hair colored at a salon the first time, instead of dyeing at home. Grey hair coloring solutions are available at salons don not involve dyeing hair with harmful chemicals.
Choosing the right color tone for the first time is very important.

Image consultant and men's grooming experts insists on keeping the skin tone in mind while choosing the hair color. Go for black only if you must, as it can sometimes look too artificial, explains some eminent stylists. They also encourages men to to have facial hair in a similar shade. Having colored hair and grey moustache does not work. It creates a contrast that changes the visual proportion of the face. So, if you are coloring you hair, color your moustache too.

Beauty expert Shahnaz Hussain says, 'You can camouflage your grey strands with natural colorants like henna if there are only a few strands to hide. But if the problem starts affecting your confidence, it is advisable to go for a hair color, she suggests. Hussain also dispels the myth that all your hair turn would turn white once you color them.
You must avoid chemical dyes, apply a moisturizer before and after the coloring process and avoid too much exposure to maintain healthy looking colored hair.

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