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Posted on: 22-01-15
Can cold creams make you look tanned?

Cold creams are generally oil based, thick and greasy in form. Cold creams are not meant to have an effect on your complexion. If you apply cold cream and go out in sun, you might turn pale and dark as oil base attracts more of pollutants and dust particles towards it. There are certain tips that would help you gain that glow and moistened effect during the winters:

1. Use a cold cream at night time to gain back the moisture balance and help your skin gain wrath of seasonal damage.

2. Apply a moisturizer or lotion that has got SPF factor for your face and apply it during the day time also try reapplying the same lotion once you pat dry your face. If you tend to use a toner before applying your day cream, it would prove to be much better.

3. Also try using oil and also mix of coconut and olive oil to soften your skin and entire body. The best thing behind oil massage is that it would persist even after you take bath.

4. Keep yourself well hydrated. The water content alone in your skin will help restore the moisture balance in your skin to a great extent.

5. Avoid hot water bathing during winter time as it might steal away the natural moisture content in your body. Instead opt for lukewarm water baths after a thorough oil massage.

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