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Posted on: 31-12-14
Health benefits of using clay water pot

Have you ever had water from clay pot? If you miss out that, you would miss out some major health benefits. The many reasons why drinking water from clay pot is beneficial are as follows:

Having water that is stored in a clay pot is the best way to gain good health. Most significantly, clay pots transfer the chill to the water based on the climate. This quality of a clay pot is unique, and no other container has the same quality.

Clay pot is porous in form and thus evaporation takes place that makes it cool and the particles gain energy in the form of heat. A clay pot has small holes visible at the microscopic level through which water seeps out and gains energy to become gas and gets evaporated causing cooling.

Improves metabolism and virility: Consumption of water everyday can help boost he body activity and metabolism. If you store water in plastic, it might prove to be harmful for your overall health. Clay pot water drinking can very well improve the level of testosterone in your body when compared water stored in plastic.

Gentle on the throat: Water that is stored in earthen pots are gentle on your throat so proves to be ideal for people suffering from cough and cold.

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