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Posted on: 18-11-14
Have a proper back

Computer, mobile phones, etc are causing an increase in back problems especially in youngsters and teenagers. About 84% of young adults suffer from back pain because of strenuous activities and extensive usage of mobile devices, tablets and laptops.

The main reason why back pain occurs is due to the poor posture that we maintain while sitting, standing, lying down, etc. Most adults, of all age groups, spent as much time hunched over a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other digital device as they spent sleeping. This resulted in over half the population experiencing neck or lower back pain.

Over use of mobile phones and other electronic devices not only causes back problems but also neck ailments too. An ill-health condition called 'text neck' is on the rise due to the time people spend hunched over their electronic devices, mobile phones and computer screens. People who text a lot may get more chances to develop pain in their fingers, wrist and thumbs.

Spine is comprised of several small and tiny bones and cartilages, inter-vertebral discs that also act as shock absorbers. Due to improper position and postures, the discs start drying up in the lower area of spine. The symptoms include pain in the neck, shoulders and back. It could be radiating down to the shoulders, forearms, palms and fingers. The ache may be continuous or intermittent in nature.

Causes of weak back: Many factors namely lifestyle, loss of weight control, lack of rest and an insufficient intake of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, calcium and protein are the major reasons for youngsters complaining about severe neck and back pain.

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