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Posted on: 05-12-18
Leukaemia rates highest in countries farther from the equator

The researchers found that individuals living in countries farther away from the equator, such as the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland, were at least twice as likely to have leukaemia as people living in countries closes to the e Read more

Current News
Posted on: 25-01-16
Drink coffee and live long

Given that coffee drinkers are less likely to get many diseases, it makes sense that coffee could help you live longer. There are actually several observational studies showing that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of death. In two very large Read more

Current News
Posted on: 25-01-16
The cancer drug paclitaxel just got more effective.

For the first time, researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have packaged it in containers derived from a patient's own immune system, protecting the drug from being destroyed by the body's own defences and bringing the Read more

Current News
Posted on: 25-01-16
Unethical medical trials in France

The oral trial was being conducted by a private laboratory in the north-western city of Rennes, Marisol Touraine said. The trial has been suspended and the firm is recalling the volunteers. It is unclear how many people are involved.

Read more

Current News
Posted on: 18-01-16
Depressing antidepressants

Antidepressant medication is the most commonly prescribed treatment for people with depression. They are also commonly prescribed for other conditions, including bipolar depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, Read more

Current News
Posted on: 18-01-16
Eat berries for healthy erections

Erectile dysfunction can be one of the most distressing conditions a man experiences. But a new study suggests eating more foods rich in flavonoids - such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and citrus fruits - could reduce the risk of e Read more

Current News
Posted on: 08-01-16
Unrestricted marketing fails long efforts against youth smoking

Growing reports indicates that unrestricted marketing has its effects in increased number of young smokers in US. E-cigarette use is soaring among teenagers mainly because of advertisements aimed at their age group.

Seven out of Read more

Current News
Posted on: 08-01-16
Artificial pancreas to control blood sugar levels

For the first time in the history of medical science artificial pancreas will be tested for six months in 240 people with type 1 diabetes at nine sites in the United States and Europe. Researchers will compare this system to current diabetes ma Read more

Current News
Posted on: 08-01-16
Marijuana use increased by 9.5% in a decade

The estimated prevalence of adults who used marijuana in the past year more than doubled in the United States between 2001 and 2013 to 9.5%. Laws and attitudes about marijuana are changing, with 23 states having medical marijuana laws and four Read more

Current News
Posted on: 08-01-16
Study identifies genetic mutation in those who behave reckless when drunk

University of Helsinki researchers have identified a genetic mutation which renders carriers susceptible to particularly impulsive and reckless behavior when drunk. More than one hundred thousand Finns carry this mutation. Many Finns know someb Read more

Current News
Posted on: 06-01-16
Antibiotics: the suicide bombs

Antibiotics are among the most commonly prescribed medications in the US. An antibiotic side (adverse) effect is an unwanted reaction that occurs in addition to the desirable therapeutic action of the antibiotic. When used appropriately, antib Read more

Current News
Posted on: 06-01-16
High suicide rates in white men

In the United States, older men of European descent significantly higher suicide rates than any other demographic group. For example, their suicide rates are significantly higher than those of older men of African, Latino or Indigenous descent, Read more

Current News
Posted on: 05-01-16
Black rice’s black magic

The forbidden rice gains all its magical power as the health benefits of it getting unwrapped. It is the only rice to contain the antioxidant known as anthocyanins, which is found in dark-hued fruits and vegetables like blueberries, blackberrie Read more

Current News
Posted on: 27-12-15
Gonorrhoea gains high resistance

As a threat to STD treatments, reports from medical institutions indicate that Gonorrhoea is rapidly getting highly drug resistant. If the situation goes like this, Gonorrhoea will become an untreatable disease due to the continuing emergence o Read more

Current News
Posted on: 27-12-15
US allows gay men to donate blood

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will allow gay men to donate blood if they have been celibate for one year - lifting a 30-year ban. Before the rule change, potential donors in the US who admitted having sex with other men after 1977 w Read more

Current News
Posted on: 14-12-15
WMC care hands in flood affected Chennai

Disaster situations are quiet quick and unexpected situations, caused to a larger population, putting them in the state of helplessness and needy of external support to recover from the state. Disasters can be of natural or man-made origins. Ex Read more

Current News
Posted on: 14-12-15
Scott scientist to slow ageing process

A Scottish scientist at the forefront of research into ageing has claimed he can already prolong the life of lab animals and humans could also be drinking from the fountain of youth in future. Professor Gordon Lithgow, who works at the Buck Ins Read more

Current News
Posted on: 14-12-15
Jimmy Carter wins over cancer

Jimmy Carter, the former President of United States wins over cancer. He said the melanoma that was found in his liver and spread to his brain has cleared. He made the announcement during Sunday school teaching at Maranatha Baptist Church in Pl Read more

Current News
Posted on: 14-12-15
US surgeons to carry out penis transplantation

Surgeons all set to carry out penis transplant for wounded war veterans of United States. The ultimate objective of this is to restore urinary and sexual functions of those who suffer severe genital injuries during war.

The wor Read more

Current News
Posted on: 08-12-15
Talk therapy helps over coffee addiction

The new study found that just a single one-hour session of "reduction-strategy" therapy - a type of cognitive behavioural therapy - helped patients lower their caffeine intake by more than 75 percent. The goal of this type of talk therapy is to Read more

Current News
Posted on: 08-12-15
Gene editing: a threat to humanity???

The gene editing summit in Washington organised to discuss new techniques which enable researchers to alter human DNA shared an ethical concern about gene editing. The summit raised the doubt that it would be "irresponsible" to allow the creati Read more

Current News
Posted on: 08-12-15
Breast density doesn’t matter it seems

All most every study about breast cancer associated breast density with increased chances of breast cancer. As a relief to women with high breast density, new study reveals that breast density alone may not be a strong risk factor for breast ca Read more

Current News
Posted on: 30-11-15
UK govt join hands with Bill Gates to set up £1bn to fight malaria

UK government in association with Microsoft founder Bill Gates raises one billion to fight malaria. The fund is named after Sir Ronald Ross who became Britain's first Nobel Prize winner in 1902 for his discovery that malaria is transmitted by Read more

Current News
Posted on: 30-11-15
Worm gets women pregnant

A study suggests that infection with a species of worm increases the fertility of women. A study of 986 indigenous women in Bolivia indicated a lifetime of Ascaris Lumbricoides, (a type of roundworm) infection alters the immune system to make i Read more

Current News
Posted on: 12-11-15
Beef controversy in India into a different medical direct

Beef controversy in India into a new lead as veteran scientist PM Bhargava returns his ‘Padma Bhusan’ in protest against alleged rise in intolerance in the country on the context of beef ban controversy. He says that ancient Indian scrip Read more

Current News
Posted on: 12-11-15
The first human head transplantation by 2017

Human head transplantation will be a reality by 2017. Italian neuroscientist Dr. Sergio Canavero plans to perform the procedure in December 2017 with a team of Chinese surgeons, led by Dr. Xiaoping Ren - who to date, has performed around 1,000 Read more

Current News
Posted on: 12-11-15
Ebola Outbreak: Sierra Leone president blames WHO

West African country Sierra Leone’s president Ernest Bai Koroma blames UN’s World Health Organisation (WHO) for the delays in emergency assistance while sharing his frustrations hours before the country declared free of Ebola virus on last Read more
new level medication

Current News
Posted on: 16-04-15
Taking medication to newer level

A craftsman made a living duplicate of Vincent Van Gogh's ear utilizing a 3-D printer. It may not set the craftsmanship world on its ear, yet 3-D printing could take drug to another level. It is now yielded skin, bone, veins, heart and liver, Read more
antimicrobial compound

Current News
Posted on: 31-03-15
Less resistant Antibiotics under experimentation

Another antimicrobial compound offers incredible guarantee for treating tuberculosis (TB) and other unending diseases created by medication safe superbugs, new research proposes.

Teixobactin, separated from Gram-negative microorgani Read more
salty snacks

Current News
Posted on: 17-03-15
Keep off those salty snacks if you want your organs to stay healthy

A review paper co-authored by two faculty members in the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences and two physicians at Christiana Care Health System provides evidence that even in the absence of an increase in blood pressure, excess d Read more
daily walk

Current News
Posted on: 13-03-15
Daily dose of one minute walk can be lifesaving

So it turns out the price of healthy living is really not that much, as a mere 60 seconds walk per day can help cut the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Read more
blood group o

Current News
Posted on: 11-03-15
Here is how blood group O protects against malaria

We are aware of the fact that malaria parasites conquerers the human immune system while being in human Read more

Current News
Posted on: 10-03-15
Delhi Govt acts tough against ads of tobacco products

Delhi Government has written to various tobacco companies asking them to remove advertisement boards from shops and warned them against free distribution of boards or counters having tobacco ads among vendors.

Section 5 of the Cigare Read more

Current News
Posted on: 03-03-15
It is official!! Losing weight is no piece of cake

We all find it difficult to meet our weight loss resolutions, and now a new study has made it official that it is indeed tough to shed those extra kilos.

New studies by McMaster University researchers reviewed hundreds of recent stud Read more
tobacco use

Current News
Posted on: 28-02-15
Tobacco use may double risk of alcohol dependency

People who use snus, a slightly moist powder used tobacco product would run twice the actual risk of developing an alcohol dependency when compared with those who are non-users. Read more

Current News
Posted on: 26-02-15
Swine flu in India: 5 Facts you should know about the deadly virus

The overall number of death rates that has occurred due to swine flu has now surpassed 800 and 13,688 people have got affected many across India, here are top five facts that you really need to know about this deadly disease.

1 Read more
swine flu india

Current News
Posted on: 24-02-15
Swine flu claims 38 more lives, death toll now 812

Swine flu claimed 38 more lives in India taking the death toll to 812 with Rajasthan and Gujarat among the worst hit states with 212 and 207 fatalities respectively, as the total number of affected crossed 13,000.

According to Heal Read more
muscle cramp

Current News
Posted on: 23-02-15
New treatment for muscle cramp found effective

A very new treatment being found by the US researches has been found very effective in lessening the intensity of muscle cramps by as much as thrice. The new treatment would prove to be beneficial for them who suffer from muscle cramps due to n Read more
obese kids

Current News
Posted on: 19-02-15
Obese kids may lower heart disease risk by going vegan

A new study has revealed that plant based vegetarian diet is effective in reducing cardiovascular risk in obese children. According to Cleveland Clinic research, obese children who begin a very low-fat, plant based vegetarian diet may have less Read more

Current News
Posted on: 12-02-15
Simple blood test can detect risk of dementia

Now you can test the possibility of developing dementia with a prick of a needle. As opposed to cardiovascular diseases, where the level of Read more

Current News
Posted on: 11-02-15
Use of antibiotics worsening swine flu patients condition: Expert

Amid swine flu spreading to different parts of the country, experts have witnessed a rise in new cases as well as deaths every day and have cautioned that misuse of antibiotics could worsen the condition of patients suffering from the disease. Read more
hepatitis c

Current News
Posted on: 10-02-15
Hepatitis C more prevalent than Ebola or HIV

More than 180 million people in the world have hepatitis C, compared with the 34 million with HIV/AIDS and the roughly 30,000 who have had Ebola, scientists say. Yet very little is heard about the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in the way of awareness Read more
stress lady

Current News
Posted on: 09-02-15
Severe psychological stress lowers ability to bear physical pain

Psychological stress describes what people feel when they are under mental, physical, or emotional pressure. Although it is normal to experience some psychological stress from time to time, people who experience high levels of psychological str Read more
heart attack

Current News
Posted on: 07-02-15
Heart disease: Warning signs you should never ignore

Our heart, one of the most vital organs, needs special attention. Many people usually ignore these warning signs that tell something is awry with your heart or are just slow to seek help when symptoms develop. Heart disease or cardiovascular d Read more

Current News
Posted on: 06-02-15
Pomegranates have more health benefits than any other fruit

A review of a staggering 194 studies has shown that pomegranates are super healthy as they have more health benefits than any other fruit. An anal Read more
ivf babies

Current News
Posted on: 05-02-15
Britain votes to allowing three-parent IVF babies

Britain voted on Tuesday to become the first country to allow a "three-parent" IVF technique which doctors say will prevent some inherited incurable diseases but which critics see as a step towards creating designer babies.

The treat Read more
ebola vaccine trial

Current News
Posted on: 04-02-15
Ebola vaccine trial on volunteers begins in Liberia

The actual trial of Ebola vaccine has begun in the Liberian capital Monday on the first batch of volunteers.

The vaccination trial, which started following a launch event featuring musicians, is a product of a partnership set up by Read more

Current News
Posted on: 03-02-15
Not bad luck, pollutants & lifestyle cause most cancers

American scientists recently stirred a hornet's nest by linking bad luck to the occurrence of cancer, but Indian oncologists would rather turn the equation on its head to say that as far as cancer is concerned, it's lucky to be in India.
Read more
drinking stroke risk

Current News
Posted on: 02-02-15
Heavy drinking ups stroke risk more than BP, diabetes

More than two drinks a day in middle-age may raise your stroke risk more than traditional factors such as high blood pressure and Read more
stem cells

Current News
Posted on: 30-01-15
Scientists use stem cells to generate new hair

In a new study, scientists have used human pluripotent stem cells to grow new hair. The study by researchers of Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (Sanford-Burnham) represents the first step towards the development of a cell-based treat Read more
Flexible working

Current News
Posted on: 29-01-15
Flexible work schedules of employees improve health and sleep

A new study has examined that people who have flexible work schedules have better health and they sleep properly than their counterparts.

The researchers followed 474 employees as part of a Work, Family and Health Network study condu Read more

Current News
Posted on: 28-01-15
Why obesity is bad for heart revealed

Researchers were recently able to find new links between obesity and cardiovascular disease. The study led by James A. Hamilton, PhD, professor of Physiology, Biophysics a Read more

Current News
Posted on: 24-01-15
Tweets can signal communities heart disease risk: Study

Australian researchers have discovered how social media can serve as an indicator of a community's psychological wellbeing and can predict rates of heart disease.

Social media was "a new frontier for social science research", Read more
drinking wine

Current News
Posted on: 22-01-15
A glass of wine a day good for heart than none at all: Study

Drinking a small glass of wine a day may give you a better chance of avoiding heart failure than those who don't drink at all, according to scienti Read more
swine flu

Current News
Posted on: 21-01-15
4 Die due to swine flu in Haryana: Officials

Swine flu has claimed four lives in Haryana even as ten more patients were tested positive for the virus, officials said here Monday.

"In Haryana, 14 positive cases of swine flu have come to light in the past few days, of which four Read more
vitamin D boosts immunity

Current News
Posted on: 20-01-15
Vitamin D boosts immune system to fight colorectal cancer

A new study has revealed that people with high levels of vitamin D in their bloodstream have a lower overall risk of developing colorectal cancer. The research by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute investigators, which represents the first time that Read more

Current News
Posted on: 19-01-15
Deaths from lack of exercise double those due to obesity

A new study has demonstrated that lack of exercise is responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity.

The study conducted by University of Cambridge suggested that a brisk 20 minute walk each day could be enough to reduce an indivi Read more
spinal implant

Current News
Posted on: 16-01-15
Spinal implant could allow paralyzed people to walk again

Scientists have used a new flexible implant to allow paralyzed rats to walk again, paving the way for new therapies for people with spinal cord injury. The e-Dura implantdeveloped by Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) Read more

Current News
Posted on: 14-01-15
Daily avocado cuts heart disease risk

Adding an avocado to your daily diet helps lower bad cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease, a study says."Including one avocado each day as part of a moderate-fat, cholesterol-lowering diet provides additional LDL (bad cholesterol) Read more
death due to ebola

Current News
Posted on: 13-01-15
Ebola death toll hits 8,235 : WHO

The global death toll from the Ebola outbreak centered in west Africa has jumped to 8,235 out of 20,747 recorded cases, the World Health Organization(WHO) has said. Almost all the deaths and cases have been reported in the three west African co Read more
kids behaviour

Current News
Posted on: 12-01-15
Gene decides why some kids turn into troubled adults

A recent study and research conducted at Duke University have identified a gene variant that may serve as a marker for children who are the most susceptible and vulnerable group of society. This study triggers an understanding in the biology Read more
cancer treatment

Current News
Posted on: 09-01-15
Holding breath beneficial for breast cancer patients

New research shows that a breast cancer patient who holds her breath during radiation treatment can greatly reduce exposure to the heart. Recent studies have shown that women with cancer in the left breast are at higher risk of heart disease. S Read more
cancer cells

Current News
Posted on: 08-01-15
Soon, cancer cells detecting Endoscope to destroy tumors too

Scientists are working to upgrade the tool used to examine and detect cancer and other illnesses, called Endoscope, so that it can zap tumors as well.

The biomedical advancement, which is under development at the University at Read more
drink addiction

Current News
Posted on: 07-01-15
New drug may curb excess drinking

Researchers have patented a drug that could produce some of ecstasy euphoric effects and at the same time limit the amount of alcohol people drink.

The compound was created by the drug designer behind mephedrone, a now widely banned Read more
doctor breaking the bad news

Current News
Posted on: 06-01-15
Cancer : Breaking the bad news to patients

"A doctor must be able to read a patient in order to break bad news. I ensure they have at least one close family member present when I tell them. This way, the patient has another pair of ears as well as support after I leave the room" Dr R Read more
universal protein

Current News
Posted on: 05-01-15
One treatment for Ebola, Hepatitis, Brain Cancer and Influenza

A novel protein could be a universal therapeutic target for treating human diseases like brain cancer, Ebola, Influenza, Hepatitis and superbug bacteria, researchers report. By using a drug combination to target the key protein GRP78 and relate Read more
work place stress

Current News
Posted on: 31-12-14
City life stress may make people more prone to diabetes

A new study has recently revealed that the increased stress may make people, who relocate from rural areas to cities, more prone to Read more

Current News
Posted on: 30-12-14
MIT neuroscientists develop new computer that matches primate brain

A team of neuroscientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has found that one of the latest generation of computer networks – called “deep neural networks" – matches the primate brain. ‘This improved understan Read more
night shift working

Current News
Posted on: 29-12-14
Working night shifts can affect your body?

The sleep-wake cycle of individuals becomes irregular and leads to reduced TST (Total Sleep Time) on a nightly basis. This in turn results in an accumulation of chronic sleep debt. Gastro-intestinal symptoms, malaise, impaired immunity, mood Read more
lost memories can restored

Current News
Posted on: 24-12-14
Lost memory can be restored: Study

Researchers may be able to restore lost memories in early-stage Alzheimer’s patients, suggests a new study which found that long-term memories may not be stored in synapses as previously thought. Most neuroscientists have believed that memor Read more
blood groups

Current News
Posted on: 23-12-14
Blood groups A, B, AB at higher diabetes risk

Women who have blood groups A, B and AB are always in the top list and develop higher chances of getting Type 2 diabetes, a new study has found out. The study also highlights a strong relationship between blood group and risk of developing Read more
cancer cell

Current News
Posted on: 22-12-14
3D printing points way to smarter cancer treatment

Now doctors can target the tumor growth more effectively and precisely as British scientists have developed a new form of 3D printing putting it to a work where in there is a replica model being developed of the cancerous body part.

Read more

Current News
Posted on: 19-12-14
Gutka ban is working, but is not enough

The ban on Gutka has laid an impact in access, usage, price and display the point of sale as per the study conducted by the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and the World Health Organization Country Office for India. < Read more
mens hormonal levels changes

Current News
Posted on: 18-12-14
Men do undergo hormonal changes during partner’s pregnancy

Hormones play a vital role during pregnancy that leads to various changes in your body and also hamper your mood. Men do undergo the same changes as that o Read more

Current News
Posted on: 17-12-14
Eat chocolates to stay healthy and happy

Too much consumption of sugar can prove to be harmful for your health. But the researchers claim that anything in moderation does not cause much harm to your health. Having sweet delicacies not only helps prevent ageing and ensures proper blood Read more
tobacco use

Current News
Posted on: 16-12-14
Use of smokeless tobacco higher in India: Global smokeless tobacco report

The use of smokeless tobacco is on rise and now it is highest in India. The data also indicates that the prevalence is seen to be higher in men than in women with 32.9% and 18.4% respectively. Although the absolute levels were different, the pa Read more
unhealthy BMI

Current News
Posted on: 16-12-14
40 percent of Indian kids dont have healthy BMI: Study

A very recent countrywide study has shown that about 40 percent fail to have a proper healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and also warned that these children are moving towards a frightening and very unhealthy future. The study also emphasized on Read more

Current News
Posted on: 12-12-14
Heart patient? Avoid rush hour traffic

A recent study has suggested that avoiding rush hour traffic would lead to less risk of developing heart ailments or prevents the worsening of any cardiovascular disease that exists. "There is now ample evidence that air pollution is associated Read more
weight-loss surgery

Current News
Posted on: 11-12-14
Weight-loss surgery may improve urinary problems

A weight loss surgery which is otherwise called as bariatric surgery would help lose weight and may lower the frequency of the lower urinary tract symptoms in fat and obese people, as per a new research study. The symptoms that are associated w Read more
newborn genome sequencing

Current News
Posted on: 10-12-14
Parents want genome sequencing for newborns

As per a new study most parents irrespective of their demographic background are very much keen to have genomic sequencing done for their newborns that would make possible for the doctors to have a personalized medicine to guide therapeutic int Read more

Current News
Posted on: 09-12-14
Need of more pediatric centers in India

Kidney disease can affect people belonging to any age group and children in various ways, as per expert health specialists. It can range from treatable ill health conditions to other serious and long term life-threatening conditions. There cou Read more

Current News
Posted on: 08-12-14
Vitamin D reduces lung disease flare-ups

A clinical study that was conducted recently, found out that vitamin D supplements can reduce lung disease flare-ups by over 40 percent in patients having vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D deficiency is mostly found as a prevalent Read more
artificial pancreas

Current News
Posted on: 05-12-14
Artificial pancreas can treat diabetes efficiently

An external artificial pancreas can help improve the glucose control and Type-1 diabetes as per a recent study. This has paved it's way against the conventional diabetes treatment. Type-1 diabetes can lead to major health issues such as cardiov Read more
human memory

Current News
Posted on: 04-12-14
Gateway to human memory in brain identified

An eminent team of scientists have successfully determined with a small level of precision that has not been achieved before the location in the brain where memories are generated. The team could very well emphasis on the location down to spec Read more
hookah smoke

Current News
Posted on: 03-12-14
Toxic chemical linked to leukemia found in hookah smoke

Hookah smoking is no less safer than cigarette smoking. It consists of a water pipe along with a smoke chamber, a bowl, pipe and a hose. The only difference to be noted is that the tobacco becomes less toxic in the hookah pipe and the water th Read more
deafness diagnosis

Current News
Posted on: 02-12-14
Early deafness diagnosis improves teenagers reading skills

A new research says that early detection of deafness in babies is related to better reading skills later in their lives. Deafness if identified and treated at an earlier stage would give out better results. "We believe that the early superio Read more

Current News
Posted on: 29-11-14
Excess protein during brain development may cause schizophrenia

A new study has revealed that excess protein during brain development may trigger schizophrenia later in life. According to new Rutgers research, a gene associated with schizophrenia plays a role in brain development and may help to explain the Read more

Current News
Posted on: 28-11-14
Too much texting bad for your spine

Depending on the angle at which you are texting and messaging, one of the alarming research has come out with the fact that even the simple way of texting can exert nearly 23 kg of pressure on your spine and back. There is always an incremental Read more
talk therapy

Current News
Posted on: 27-11-14
Talk therapy lowers suicide risk

Talk therapy is emerging as an important alternative to medication with respect to gain a control over repeated suicidal attempts. A very recent study shows that just 6 to 10 talk therapy sessions led to as less as 26 percent fewer suicidal att Read more
heart diseases in women

Current News
Posted on: 26-11-14
Women are more prone to heart disease than others

A new research has revealed that the hormone estrogen in women plays a key role in regulating two of the most common risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

Researchers at Western University's Robarts Research Institute have ident Read more

Current News
Posted on: 25-11-14
Plaster may replace injections for premature babies

Researchers have come out with an all new developed UV activated membrane, that could be used instead of injections or probes. This membrane (plaster) will possibly deliver drugs to premature babies. It has a tendency to release a gentle dose o Read more
kids depression

Current News
Posted on: 21-11-14
Excessive guilt in young children leads to depression

Feeling an excessive amount of guilt early in life may shrink a part of the brain linked to regulation of emotion and increase the risk of recurring depression later in life, a study says. Kids who experience excessive guilt have smaller anteri Read more

Current News
Posted on: 21-11-14
Walnuts can slow down prostate cancer growth

Walnuts when crack open consists of several nutritional benefits namely, vitamins, phenolic acids and flavonoids and also essence of omega-3 fatty acids too. These compounds help improve cognitive functions, it would even help with a good nigh Read more
watching tv

Current News
Posted on: 20-11-14
How we watch TV can help detect eye related issues

Scientists have come out with a new way to find out eye related problems, by examining how your eyes respond to viewing TV. Researchers based at City University London have found out that they could identify illness such as glaucoma by just hav Read more
gut bacteria

Current News
Posted on: 19-11-14
Gut bacteria decide our body weight

Our genes decide influences the way we look, fat or thin, tall or short by shaping which types of microbes thrive in our body. Researchers at King's College London and Cornell University have identified a specific, little known bacterial famil Read more
hand washing

Current News
Posted on: 18-11-14
Hospital workers wash hands less often as shift nears end

A recent study has revealed that hospital professionals and workers clean their hands less frequently as their day to day work advances. This decline in compliance with hand washing rules goes up with increase in work pressure, the findings sho Read more
women drinking

Current News
Posted on: 15-11-14
Women have higher risk of injury than men post-drinking

When compared to men, women who consume alcohol more, even after three standard drinks are more likely to undergo more injury. The risk of injury when compared to men, women have higher chances and this includes patients from India.

Read more
memory loss in anaesthetics

Current News
Posted on: 14-11-14
Anaesthetics could cause long-term memory loss

A new research has come out with a finding that while anaesthetics help patients undergo critical surgery, they would also result in long-term cognitive impairment such as memory loss.
Factors such as age, health, type of surgery and Read more

Current News
Posted on: 13-11-14
Its official: Scratching does increase itchiness

A new research has cracked the answers to as why scratching makes one itch more and has observed that scratching causes the brain to release serotonin, which intensifies the itch sensation. The study conducted at Washington University School o Read more
divorce problems

Current News
Posted on: 12-11-14
Divorce can lead to high blood pressure

A very recent study has suggested that divorce related sleep problems are responsible for causing health related problems. People struggle with getting their life going again after undergoing a separation or divorce.

In the initi Read more

Current News
Posted on: 11-11-14
Reverse innovation and mHealth incredibly shrink the pacemaker

Reverse innovation by medical device innovators have been keen on producing complicated and costlier devices simple, by stripping down the cost to make it affordable to common people.
Medtronic’s had come out with a mini-pacemaker, wh Read more
antisense gene therapy

Current News
Posted on: 08-11-14
New Method Of Treating Genetic Disorders – The Antisense Gene Therapy

Antisense gene therapy is a form of treatment for genetic disorder and wide varieties of diseases like infection, cancer, diabetes, etc. USFDA, during 2014, has approved such drugs like, fomivirsen and retinitis for the treatment of cytomegal Read more
children sleep disorders

Current News
Posted on: 07-11-14
Sleep disorders in kids linked to behavioral problems

Parents may please take note that toddlers having sleep difficulties are likely to experience behavioural problems.
Early sleep problems may be both a cause and consequence of children's difficulties with behavioural and emotional self-r Read more
wrong medication in children

Current News
Posted on: 06-11-14
Young kids often given wrong medication

One child is affected every eight minutes when usually a well-meaning parent or caregiver commits an unintentional medication error, said a US-based study.
The researchers found that 63,000 children under the age of six experienced out- Read more
music therapy

Current News
Posted on: 05-11-14
Music therapy reduces depression in kids, adolescents

A recent study suggests that music therapy would help reduce depression and behavioral problems in children and adolescents.

In the largest ever study of its kind, the researchers from the Queen's University, Belfast, in partnersh Read more
unsaturated fatty foods

Current News
Posted on: 05-11-14
Eating certain fats might offset some heart risk from weight gain

If you are, by any chance, going to overindulge yourself and plan to gain some weight, do make sure about the fact that the extra calories come from the unsaturated fats, as per the latest study.

Lean and thin people when pack on Read more

Current News
Posted on: 29-10-14
How Exercise Keeps Depression at Bay

It is shown and proved by researchers that physical exercise has many advantages and beneficial effects. They have also come to a conclusion that exercise helps shield your brain from stress induced depression.
Practicing or following a d Read more
orbital implant surgery

Current News
Posted on: 28-10-14
First Inflatable Orbital Implant Surgery

Hyderabad's LV Prasad Eye Institute has pioneered the implantation of inflatable orbital tissue expander for the first time in India. Congenital anophthalmia has been haunting patients with grossly visible asymmetric facial bone growth, leading Read more
control diabetes

Current News
Posted on: 25-10-14
Light-activated drug to help control diabetes

Scientists have come out with a special drug for Type 2 diabetes that has been triggered on by blue light, thus paves the way to reducing the ill-effects and side-effects of diabetes medication. The drug would have less effect and may turn ina Read more

Current News
Posted on: 23-10-14
Difficult eaters may have underlying psychological issues

Parents have to take a note! A new study has warned that irritating and bullying your kid may result in change in eating habits and other behavior in kids.
Eating difficulties in childhood can be a sign of some hidden psychological issues Read more
binge drinking harms the liver

Current News
Posted on: 22-10-14
How binge drinking harms the liver

Binge drinking or heavy episodic drinking is a modern epithet for consumption of alcoholic beverages with the primary intention of becoming intoxicated by heavy consumption of alcohol over a short period of time.
An Indian origin research Read more
Teens and early drug addiction

Current News
Posted on: 21-10-14
Teens with strong working memory better at avoiding early drug experimentation

During the time of adolescence, the experimentations with alcohol and drugs become common. It is very unfortunate that teenagers most often do not see or think about the actions today and it's ill-effects and consequences tomorrow. They also de Read more
bio artificial livers

Current News
Posted on: 20-10-14
Bio-artificial livers come closer to reality

If your liver stops or fails to function for more than a few days, you may die. Liver failure occurs due to many factors such as trauma which occurs as a result of accidents, drug abuse or diseases such as hepatitis. One common cause of drug ov Read more
olive oil for failing heart

Current News
Posted on: 17-10-14
Olive oil may revive a failing heart

A new research has suggested that a strong ingredient in olive oil will hold the key to a beating heart failure. Researchers have also found that, a very commonly found dietary fat called the Oleate, mostly found in olive oil, re fixed and res Read more
blood pressure youngsters

Current News
Posted on: 15-10-14
Blood pressure becoming common among youngsters

High blood pressure has become very common among youngsters these days due to the amount of stress in todays life. High blood pressure mostly occurs due to hereditary reasons as well. Dr Vijay D'Silva, medical director of a cardiac hospital, s Read more
brain cell

Current News
Posted on: 10-10-14
New type of Brain cells discovered

Researchers have come up with a strange new type of brain cell that sends signals passing through the cell body altogether. The basic blueprint contains a cell body that has neurons which comes in various shapes and sizes. The Neuron cell body Read more
Warm bottled water

Current News
Posted on: 09-10-14
Warm bottled water may be bad for your health

A recent study done by scientists from the University of Florida has warned not to drink water from a bottle if it was left somewhere warm for a long time. The study also suggested that when you heat plastic for a long duration of time or when Read more
healthy men

Current News
Posted on: 08-10-14
Healthy Lifestyle May Help 4 out of 5 Men Prevent Heart Attacks

A new study has revealed that 80 percent of men could come out of heart attacks and other related heart ailments by following a healthy lifestyle choices. Coronary events in men such as healthy lifestyle that includes maintaining a healthy weig Read more
Teen Depression

Current News
Posted on: 07-10-14
Teen Depression: An alarming issue

Have you ever thought of the actual reason behind your irritable or unhappy adolescent. He/she might be actually experiencing 'teen depression'. Most teen s undergo stress and depression as their mood swings like that of a pendulum.
Studi Read more
smoking and dementia

Current News
Posted on: 06-10-14
Losing weight, quitting smoking may reduce risk of old age Dementia

A new study has showed that old age dementia can be controlled by losing weight, quitting smoking and also reduces the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

Dementia is not just a term or single disease in itself, but it is rather a Read more
blood group and memory loss

Current News
Posted on: 01-10-14
Blood group linked to memory loss

American research suggests, that there are strong links between blood group and memory loss. People who have AB blood, found in almost 4% of the population. These individuals are more prone and likely to develop thinking and memory problems tha Read more
Brain is active while we sleep

Current News
Posted on: 26-09-14
Brain is active while we sleep

We wake up feeling all refreshed and all active for your daily course of activities, when we have a sound sleep. Sleep affects the overall quality of life right from the way we look, feel and perform on daily basis.

Both quality a Read more
magnetic stimulation to boost memory

Current News
Posted on: 16-09-14
Magnetic Stimulation can be used to boost memory

A study in Science suggests that elating a particular part of the brain with the help of electromagnetic pulses could exhilarate our ability to remember certain things for a longer duration of time.
The Us trials which comprised of 16 vo Read more
junk food

Current News
Posted on: 15-09-14
Junk Food Reduces Appetite for Balanced Diet

A very new study has revealed that junk food not only makes you look fat, it would not make you feel hungry soon and thus drives people to seek a balanced form of diet.
The study has shown that over consumption of junk food can have a chan Read more

Current News
Posted on: 12-09-14
Is Hibiscus the new drug to cure Diabetes Naturally

Just like any form of flu, cough and cold, diabetes has become a common disease these days. As of now, there is no particular cure for diabetes. One has to have a healthy lifestyle and also a healthy eating and living pattern to overcome this s Read more
Flour can cause Asthma

Current News
Posted on: 11-09-14
Flour can cause Asthma

Inhalation of flour can be one of the main reasons behind occupational asthma, closely followed by cleaning products, as per some German researchers. A large scale research was conducted in France, which was aimed to understand who all were most Read more
Seasonal Cold

Current News
Posted on: 29-08-14
The many ways to cure Seasonal Cold

Colds are very common caused by a type of germ called a 'virus'. These viruses are of many types depending on what virus you have the symptoms of cold changes.
At times, visit to a doctor's clinic is not required and colds usuall Read more
 improving child health in India

Current News
Posted on: 29-08-14
Toilets key to improving child health in India

A study by an Indian- origin research shows that setting up toilets and washroom felicities in India, in order to reduce open defecation is the main key to significant health benefits for children in India. As many as 60 percent of rural ho Read more
hand gestures

Current News
Posted on: 25-08-14
Hand gestures help kids learn better

According to a recent study, spontaneous gestures would help children learn things in a better manner.
Children(those who can hear) in their growing stage use more of gestures and actions as they acquire full-fledged spoken language slo Read more
anti obesity drugs

Current News
Posted on: 20-08-14
Anti-obesity drugs may work in middle-age

A new study has revealed that middle-aged people can manage weight and stay slim and fit with the intake of obesity drugs. These drugs that are suppose to re-ignite the appetite would help to have a control on your food intake, according to th Read more
Alcoholic Drinks should bear a warning tag

Current News
Posted on: 19-08-14
Alcoholic Drinks should bear a warning tag

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Misuse suggested that all alcoholic products should carry a label having 'harmful effects of drinking'.
It was also declared by the government that it is working on reducing the excessive alc Read more
Babies Brain Grow Faster

Current News
Posted on: 19-08-14
Babies Brain Grow Faster

'Baby brains' grow more rapidly
Young babies tend have more rapid brain growth especially male brains. This was found by using advanced scanning techniques. The parts and areas of a brain that had movement developed at a Read more

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