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Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 04-01-16
Men and women sweat differently

Men and women sweat in different patterns. An average adult male produces approximately four times more sweat per day than women of the same age. According to a research published in the journal Experimental Physiology, men are more effective s Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 21-12-15
Cosmetics and risk factors

While the chemicals in cosmetics make us look, feel, and smell better, research strongly suggests that at certain exposure levels, some of these chemicals may contribute to the development of cancer in people. But because personal care products Read more
physical activity

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 13-05-15
Some physical activities for your health

Physical activity is one of the keys to bring down your pulse. Working out likewise supports the adequacy of pulse medicine in case you are now being dealt with for hypertension. You do not need to be a competitor.

Discover exercise Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 08-05-15
Hairstyling make you look younger

Sweep away the age, stop thinking about facelifts. A perfect haircut can really make you look years more youthful. Our most loved tricks are side swept bangs. They are exquisite but not childish. The sweep covers your hairline and draws concen Read more
face washing

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 13-04-15
6 Things to know before using face wash

Face washing is a fundamental venture in cleaning. From times immemorial every individuals particularly ladies have connected significance to utilization of natively made items and veils for face cleaning.

On occasion it is addit Read more
beauty sleep

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 07-04-15
6 Beauty benefits of good sleep

Good skin healing
Good sleep is real. The skin uses rest hours to recuperate itself from the day's harm. When you float off your skin finds the opportunity to improve. That is the reason you may wake up looking crisp and blushing. Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 01-04-15
6 Workouts to shape up your body

Shape yourself with sports: Tennis has an advantage over many games. Similar to aerobic can burn lot of energy and also fat from the body. Less fat gets into the muscles. Other team sports like soccer, basketball keeps you moving and is Read more
nail protection tips

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 01-04-15
7 Ways to keep your nails healthy

1. The best way to file the nails is Swiping in one direction. Rubbing back and forth will fray and splitting the nail.

2. Not taking enough vitamin cause the nail to peel the weak nails. Lack of folic acid and vitamin Read more
lemon benefits

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 26-03-15
5 Beauty benefits of lemon

Lemon is filled with nutritional gifts. It can fulfill our daily vitamin C needs and contain no fats and cholesterol. The oil present in Read more
healthy skin foods

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 25-03-15
5 Best foods for healthy skin

It’s been heard many times before: You are what you eat. And it is same for the skin too. It is possible to get an improvement in the skin condition by improving your diet.

Improving your diet means just adding up certain key Read more
black knees

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 13-03-15
Tips to get rid of black knees & elbows

It is really embarrassing for women who prefer to wear short skirts or sleeveless top having black knees and elbows. It is because of our bad habits that we usually lean on our elbows rather than sitting straight and keeping a good posture.
Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 11-03-15
6 Ways to maximise the impact of your scent

You could maximise the effect of the scent you apply by following some simple techniques in order to make it last for a longer time.

1. Give it some time: Scent always takes time to show it's effect. You often do not tend t Read more
dark circles

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 06-03-15
Home remedies to get rid of dark neck

It is mostly characterized by hyper pigmentation that appears on your skin along with the many folds and creases that appear on your body. Though we take bath on a daily basis we tend to forget and ignore to shower and scrub the neck area.
Read more
plump lips

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 04-03-15
How to plump your lips?

Every woman wants to have good facial features and having plum and full lips will surely add to your beauty. Given below are certain tips how you could get them done:

Hydrate: It is always important that you have lots of wat Read more
face pack

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 28-02-15
Milk cream for smoother skin

Milk cream has a very special spot in the modern beauty management. Milk cream has been vividly used for many years as a main ingredient in homem Read more
dry hair care

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 27-02-15
6 Ways to care of your dry hair

Curly and rough hair is very tough to manage. This is the reason why most women visit a hair spa for management of their hair. But for many it is not a very affordable option. You can take up some simple steps at home itself to manage dry hair.< Read more
coconut oil

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 26-02-15
Amazing beauty tricks with coconut oil

Coconut oil has got various health benefits. They can be used both for cooking as well as improving health purposes. Some of the common known health benefits are as follows:

1. To soothe dry hands
Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 24-02-15
Say goodbye to blemishes

Blemishes are the main reason why we tend to lock ourself at home. There are some easy home remedies that would definitely help you get rid of it.

1. Regular apply of sunscreen: Try applying sunscreen lotion that has SPF 15 Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 23-02-15
Grow your hair by eating right

Hair keeps growing constantly, along with old hairs that fall off and it gets replaced by new ones. It is very normal and natural for women who get sad and upset about losing hair. While genetics plays a role, there are other factors, includi Read more
hair wash

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 19-02-15
5 Natural ways to make your hair smell good

Hair health highlights good hygienic conditions. But due to some ill health conditions such as fungal infections and other medical disorders. The best way to deal with hair odor is to keep your tresses clean and in hygienic conditions.
Read more
Reduce Facial Hair Growth

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 17-02-15
Reduce Facial Hair Growth

Growing a full beard or even having a mustache on requires a lot of patience and perseverance. The rate at which your hair grows and how thick it grows depends mostly on genetics and the levels of testosterone. Nature decides and dictates your Read more
fair glowing skin

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 12-02-15
Home remedies for fair & glowing skin

People opt for more cosmetics and products in order to make their skin look more beautiful and radiant. Following these natural remedies can give you back your lost charm and glow. To get that flawless glow all you need to do is to follow some Read more
lemon for hair

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 11-02-15
4 Ways to protect your hair from hard water

After regular hair wash the minerals dissolved in the hard water forms a scaly film on your hair. This prevents the amount of moisture from entering the hair folicles. Hardwater also forms a sort of dandruff like condition that may even lead to Read more
eye makeup

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 10-02-15
Makeup tricks for bigger eyes

An eight hour is not enough for getting those big and pretty looking eyes. But smart makeup tricks can help you have deep and appealing eyes.

1. Highlighter at rescue: Concealer acts as the ultimate savior and works as a som Read more
orange peel

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 09-02-15
Orange peel - The skin freshener

We usually throw away the orange peels once you done with eating or juicing an orange. Orange peels are a powerhouse of nutrients and anti-oxidants. They have high amount of vitamin C content than the fleshy content found inside. They can be us Read more
thin hair

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 07-02-15
How to take care of your thinning hair

Thinning hair could be a stressful problem as you are losing something that can never be gained back. Here are some tips through which you can take care of thinning hairline:

Maintaining a balanced diet: What you actually ea Read more
oily skin

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 06-02-15
5 Benefits of having oily skin

There is always an accumulation of excess oil found on the outer layer of your skin that might lead to various skin problems such as blackheads, whiteheads, blind pimples and other such skin irritations. But there are many advantages if at all Read more
face pack

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 05-02-15
Homemade face packs for tan removal

When you step out in the sun your skin tends to get tanned. When you get back home after a day's work you would realize that a little tan sessions will leave you with tanned hands, face and gradually the whole you. You can try these home remedi Read more
hair serum

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 04-02-15
Multiple benefits of using hair serum

If you are one of those battling dry hair but don't like to use hair conditioners that weigh your hair down, then serums are your best bet. Here are a few benefits of using hair serum:

1. It should be applied after a hair wa Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 03-02-15
How to avoid frizzy hair in the winter

We often miss to take good care of your hair during winters, as you will be stuck up with stocking up on woolen cloths and trying not to freeze too much. Static in hair is incredibly annoying. Getting rid of static electricity can be just as Read more
skin peeling

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 03-02-15
Reveal a new you with skin peeling!

There are many factors that makes our skin lose it's natural shine and luster - sun exposure, acne and roaming around in hot sun etc. All these factors have contributed to women's beauty while making her lose all her confidence level.

Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 02-02-15
Home remedies for brittle nails

Brittle and easily breakable nails can wash away your wish of having those picture perfect nails. These days we hardly find time for taking care of our nails. There are certain home remedies that you could adopt to keep those pretty nails in sh Read more
hair colouring

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 31-01-15
Factors to consider before hair colouring

If you are tired of having the same kind of hair, try something different like jazzing up your look by coloring your hair. Here are certain tips that you could follow in order to get that look:

1. First of all, consider the Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 30-01-15
How to hydrate your lips with lip stain

Lips are one of the most basic features that define your face and expressions. Your lips give the ultimate appeal to your face. But, if lips are such an important part of your overall charm then why do you pay such little attention on their car Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 29-01-15
Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles

Wrinkles on your skin arises as a result of aging. A wrinkle or fine line appears on the skin as the age progresses. The many signs of wrinkles to get formed on your skin are habitual sleeping positions, loss of body mass etc. Your skin tends t Read more
eyeliner tips

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 28-01-15
5 Tricks to use the eyeliner perfectly

Eyeliners are not just make-up, they are a magical tool to highlight your eyes and complement your features. However, not many of us get it right and end up spoiling most of our eye make-up. We list out some ‘cheat codes’ to applying Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 24-01-15
Beauty woes and their fixes

Dry unmanageable hair, dandruff, flaky skin, itchy scalp – all these cold weather issues can make you look worse throughout the season if neglected. There are some beauty tips that you could actually follow to get a fresh looking face.
Read more
cold cream

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 22-01-15
Can cold creams make you look tanned?

Cold creams are generally oil based, thick and greasy in form. Cold creams are not meant to have an effect on your complexion. If you apply cold cream and go out in sun, you might turn pale and dark as oil base attracts more of pollutants and d Read more
facial clean up

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 22-01-15
How to do a facial clean up at home

For having a facial or clean up done, you need not have to visit a salon often. It's pretty easy to do it at home itself. Doing a cleanup at home itself is not at all difficult. If you have the right products at your home the process becomes ev Read more
frizz hair

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 21-01-15
Anti-frizz products you need

The frizzy texture of your hair can definitely ruin it. Dealing with the frizz and managing the hair properly is a tough and huge task. Given below are certain essential hair products and way of treatment which will help save your day.
Read more
beauty hair tips

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 20-01-15
Beauty, hair tips for working women

For working women who are out in the field, they get hardly any time to follow a hair or any related beauty regime. Experts put forth some simple tips that can help you have proper radiance and also provides fabulous looks.

1. Read more
blush cheeks

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 19-01-15
5 Ways to get a natural blush

We all love to have rosy and pinkish color complexion. There are some good home made remedies that would help your skin glow and get that blush. We would tell you how you could get that:

1. Apply beetroot: Crush and mash a bee Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 16-01-15
How to do your hair at home

By the end of the day your face looks dull and also hair worn out. To make your hair look healthy and free-flowing, here are certain tips that you could follow:

1. Do a quick blow dry: You could always carry a small blow-dry Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 15-01-15
Signs that you totally swear by kajal

Make up can be a whole lot of things to girls for some of them it would just be something to just enhance your eyes. Here are a few signs that prove the you swear by kajal.

It's the only thing that can brighten you up
Read more
curd for dandruff

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 14-01-15
Dandruff : Why you should not apply hair oil?

Indians consider hair oil to be an indispensable part of their hair care regime, especially for preventing hair loss. Hair oil can nourish your hair and hair follicles as it forms a layer on the scalp and hair from entering the skin naturally. Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 12-01-15
Benefits of aloe vera for skin

Aloe vera apart from clearing blemishes off your face, takes care of other skin problems too. Here are a few to mention.

Aloe vera is rich in antibacterial properties which make it very effective in treating Read more
smoky eye

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 09-01-15
Simple steps to smoky eye make up

Smoky eyes look extremely gorgeous and sexy. Even if your eyes are not big enough a smoky eyes would definitely give an enhanced and exaggerated look. To get that distinct and catchy look what you need to do is by following certain tips as give Read more
eye make up

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 08-01-15
4 Make up tricks to fake a good nights sleep

Bare eyes, that is without makeup are always preferred while you get to sleep. 'Bedroom' eyes are always found to be sexy and hot. The right eye make up tips can do wonders to wake them up and erase years in the process.

1. Def Read more
sesame oil

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 07-01-15
Sesame Oil - The Oil for Beauty and Health

Sesame oil has many beauty and health benefits. For getting glowing skin and hair, sesame oil is being used for glowing skin and hair. It also acts as an agent that helps tackle problems like pimples, wrinkles and other such signs of aging. Sesa Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 06-01-15
Easy home remedies to get rid of dandruff

Indians consider hair oil to be an indispensable part of their hair care regime, especially for preventing hair loss. Hair oil can nourish your hair and hair follicles as it forms a layer on the scalp and hair from entering the skin naturall Read more
eyebrows caring

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 05-01-15
Care for your eyebrows more

Well groomed and maintained eyebrows can make a lot of difference to your face. Here are a few methods by which you could keep them have that appealing look.

Eyebrows can flaunt that gorgeous look by following certain tips:
< Read more
unwanted hair removal

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 05-01-15
Get rid of unwanted hair permanently with raw papaya

Unwanted hair is quite tough to get rid off. Waxing and shaving it on monthly basis can be painful and time consuming too. So, in order to get rid of it permanently, here is an easy and natural remedy available.

There is an enzym Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 31-12-14
Fenugreek Seed Stops Hair Loss

When it comes to hair health, we mostly fear about hair breakage, thinning and ultimately hair loss. Fenugreek seeds are most commonly found ingredient in almost every kitchen. These seeds have got a strong flavour that is used in preparation o Read more
conditioner uses

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 30-12-14
Healthy uses for your discarded hair conditioner

We sometimes end up using only half of a hair conditioner bottle because as and when you keep on using it, you would know that it does not suit you hair type. Do not throw away the bottle as there could be many reasons to make maximum use out o Read more
drinking water benefits

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 29-12-14
5 Ways water benefits and affects your beauty

1. Helps flush out toxins from body
Drinking ample amount of water daily is the most effective way of having a healthy and glowy skin. Water can resolve many ill health conditions and other skin related problems too. Instead of fl Read more
face cream

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 24-12-14
Face creams can bear difference to your skin

There are several tips to be followed to know as to how you could really apply face cream. It might sound bit weird when you hear that there might be different techniques of applying face cream. Some of them are as follows:

Wash Read more
acne causes

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 23-12-14
Bad habits that cause acne

Acne is a problem that is there with you throughout the year. And the problem increases during the party season because you want a zit-free face. Some of the ditch habits that ca Read more
sensitive skin home remedies

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 19-12-14
Natural home remedies for sensitive skin

Many of us have sensitive skin and are often worried and tense about various infections and irritation caused due to the use of strong cosmetics and other such skin products. Though it is believed that certain home remedies are safer than using Read more
beauty products

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 18-12-14
Ways to avoid wasting beauty products

Many a times, you would find your half finished beauty products lying in your bag or elsewhere even before you finish using it completely. Here are some few tips that would help you make maximum use out of a these products

Finis Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 17-12-14
Papayas can make you more beautiful

Papaya is known to have a lot of health benefits. It consists of vitamins A, C and B, also has essence of fiber, minerals, magnesium and potassium. Many shampoos and conditioners include papaya Read more
castor oil for hair

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 16-12-14
Castor oil: solution for hair loss, dandruff, split ends & more!

Castor oil has got many properties that are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Many hair problems such us hair thinning, dry scalp, hair loss, split ends, etc can be very well kept under control by applying Castor oil on your hair.
Read more
acne remedies

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 12-12-14
Quick remedies to get rid of Acne

Acne and pimples are found to be the most common skin ailment that majority of us face these days. Nobody would like to to get scars and that too on face. Pimples could be treate Read more
skin care

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 11-12-14
Dos and Donts for your winter skin care

When you feel a little sense of dryness, scaliness on skin, you know that winters are round the corner. Still there needs to be certain aspects which has to followed to make sure about the fact that you remain beautiful and pretty throughout wi Read more
hair care

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 10-12-14
Better care for your hair

We deal with a lot of hair problems in our day to day life and moreover when it is summer. There are a whole lot of hair problems such as dull hair, dandruff and excessive hair fall that comes as a result of many environmental and personal fact Read more
bright white teeth

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 09-12-14
Home remedies for bright white teeth

Many of us come across problems related to teeth and gums. One of the most common issues that every dentist face is the change in color of teeth from white to pale yellow or other such dull colors. Given below are few home remedies which coul Read more
harmful effects of cosmetics

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 08-12-14
Harmful effects of using cosmetics

Products and care substances that are used to enhance the appearance or odour of the human body are called cosmetics. They are the substances made in use or applied to the human body for cleansing, promoting attractiveness or altering the appe Read more
hair removal wax

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 08-12-14
Make hair removal wax at home

At times women run so much out of time that they hardly find any time to look after themselves and their skin. Waxing at home is the most safest way of getting rid of unwanted hair from your body. There might be times when you can't make it t Read more
beauty with vitamins

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 05-12-14
Imbibe real beauty with vitamins

To maintain and sustain a proper health, your skin too needs all the nourishment it requires. And in order to achieve it a healthy dose of nourishment would be incomplete without a specific intake of vitamins. The regular intake of vitamins pr Read more
home remedies for hair loss

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 04-12-14
Home remedies to fight hair thinning

Hair loss and hair thinning arises when pollution increases and also due to certain personal issues namely the stress levels and even bad quality of water. Hair loss, hair fall and hair thinning are all very much interlinked and might happen as Read more
drinking water

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 03-12-14
Drinking water helps reduce dark circles

Dark circles around the eyes can be very well reduced if you drink plenty of water. But what could be the actual reasons behind it?! In the same way you could also get puffy eyes that could be developed due to multiple factors such as advancem Read more
hair care mistakes

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 02-12-14
Beauty mistakes you should avoid

Many women are susceptible to a few basic grooming mistakes. When it comes to hair care, they often tend to wash their hair on a daily basis. They often use too much of conditioner to improve the texture of their hair.
Here are some beaut Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 29-11-14
Beauty Benefits of Curd

Curd has got a number of beauty benefits that helps to cure any kind of skin and hair related problems.Curd is not only beneficial for soothing your skin but also does wonder to your stomach as well by improving digestion. Curd is also used as Read more
winter beauty

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 28-11-14
Winter beauty tips for women

Winters have just started off in India, the time to bring out your cold creams and warm clothes. Your skin and hair loses all it's natural essence during winter so it is not just wearing woolen cloths and having hot soups but it is equally imp Read more
beauty regime

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 27-11-14
Seasonal Beauty must haves

You should have a beauty regime for every season that could help protect your skin from the changes and fluctuations that take place in weather. If you do not take proper care, your skin may become dry and parched.

1. Sunscree Read more
perfect smile tips

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 26-11-14
Ways to get picture perfect smile

A beautiful smile itself is a great possession and nothing beats it. And nowadays selfies and instant photo sharing has itself become a hype. A camera friendly smile is always good to have and experts have come out with seven ways to achieve th Read more
body massaging

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 25-11-14
Massages have emotional benefits too

Massage therapies are now widely available in many health centers and clubs. It is not limited to luxury spas and other upscale health clubs. It's always rejuvenating to have a body massage done in order to keep all sorts of tensions and disc Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 21-11-14
Skincare regime for a beautiful skin

Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices will definitely help delay the natural aging process and would also help prevent various skin related problems. Do find some time for intensive skin care practices. There are certain tips to be follo Read more
anti-aging diet

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 21-11-14
Anti-aging diet for your skin

Eat a fiber-rich diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. In order to keep yourself young drink 8 to 10 servings a day. Eating fruits and vegetables would generally help lower the levels of calorie and increases the ability to detoxify and rene Read more
excessive sweating

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 19-11-14
5 tips to avoid excessive sweating

Summer is round corners in full swing and there seems to be no fun in excessive sweating. Though it is important to perspire as it's a natural phenomenon that occurs in your body. But if it happens in excess the condition becomes embarrassing Read more
lips caring

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 18-11-14
Take care of your lips

Lips are the most delicate part of your body that needs extra care in harsh climatic chances and conditions. There are some super useful tips as well as home remedies for your pout to be as fresh and calm during every season.

1.In o Read more
common skin complaints

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 15-11-14
How to tackle common skin complaints

There are certain skin related problems that could be tackled by following certain expert advices:

1. Spider veins: These are tiny capillaries that run very close to the skin and they seem to resemble fine red lines, some Read more
coconut oil

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 14-11-14
Secrets of coconut oil

Use it as a Foundation Primer
A perfect make up is never complete without a foundation and coconut oil does work as a perfect primer for a foundation. At first, dab some coconut oil on your face and allow it to soak then apply your Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 13-11-14
Why is henna good for you

Henna is a natural conditioner and one of the most popular herbal beauty products in India and other tropical countries which is known for it's cooling effects. It is been used mainly as a hair conditioner by providing shine and health to the Read more
beautiful tips

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 12-11-14
Ways to awaken the beautiful you

1. Love yourself
Beauty lies in your eyes. But not just in the eyes of the beholder. Learn to love your own self. A trick to looking beautiful if feeling beautiful. If your eyes are the best feature, use them to your advantage. If Read more
thick brows

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 11-11-14
Look younger with thicker brows

1. Grow it out
To get that desired young look you must let you eyebrows grow completely. Do not pluck, thread or brush your eyebrows. Let the strays remain there itself, because what you feel are strays could prove important for s Read more
smooth shaving tips

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 08-11-14
Does shaving make your hair grow back thicker?

Many women have decided not to shave their armpits, legs and hands this season. As it’s common advice passed down from moms and grandmothers that shaving makes your hair grow back darker and thicker, making it more difficult to remove the nex Read more
skin and hair protection from pool chlorine

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 07-11-14
How to protect your skin and hair from pool chlorine

Having a dip in the swimming or relaxing in the pool during these hot scorching heat is truly a joyous moment which could also bring tensions and trauma to your hair and skin. In order to keep the pool water clean and tidy, we add chlorine to i Read more
toenail protection

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 05-11-14
Toenail Protection

Toenail infection and fungus is a condition that podiatrists come across quite often. The problem gets deeper and the nails bear a crumbly appearance. The fungus attack is usually found on the nail bed and also in the cuticle area.
Alway Read more
skin protection

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 05-11-14
Ways to protect your skin

Your skin is the body's most vital organ that keeps protecting your body from the external environment. Skin care does not have to be complicated or time-consuming and can quickly become second nature, like brushing your teeth. Certain tips t Read more
Relationship Communication Skills

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 30-10-14
Relationship Communication Skills

1. Small talk: Small talk can be a very important part of the daily, friendly chit chat we carry on with others. Small talk can also be very useful to break the ice to initiate conversations when mixing in a crowd of strangers. Intimacy Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 29-10-14
The many ways to care for your eyebrows

Well maintained and well groomed eyebrows can do a lot of wonders to your face. Here are some tips which you could follow to keep them looking great always.
Eyebrows help give a frame to your face and also enhances the overall look of th Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 28-10-14
Keep your skin looking young

As our age gets advanced, the production of collagen slows down. And the already existing collagen can get affected because of the exposure to sun.
A study published in the American Journal of Nutrition found women over 40 with the highes Read more
hair fixes

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 25-10-14
5 minute quick hair fixes

Hair-do is something which would help you have an attractive overall look. In order to obtain a such stylish makeovers, you could try out the following methods:

The Bubble ponytail
Apply a smoothening serum or balm Read more
remedies for itchy scalp

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 23-10-14
Easy home remedies for itchy scalp

It is an easy and old perception that applying and trying new and improved shampoo and conditioners will help control the itchy feel in your scalp.
A common condition that we face today is an itchy scalp. It develops as a result of poor Read more
apple an anti obesity pill

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 21-10-14
Apple ,an anti-obesity pill?

A kind of compound which is waxy in appearance that is found in apples helps in increasing the whole muscle mass and reduces total body weight. Apples are very good source of antioxidants and some other such related non-digestible compounds bu Read more
avoid acne

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 20-10-14
Methods to avoid acne.

Acne is a form of skin allergy or imperfection that comes in handy with pimples. Reasons for the occurrence of acne can be many that might vary from genetic to hormonal to constipation. The acne issue is experienced by many of us at som Read more
hair for autumn

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 17-10-14
Restoring rules to prepare your hair for Autumn

During the time of Autumn your hair becomes dry and tough to manage. With every change in the season comes a new set of hair care rules and regulations.
There are certain techniques which you could adopt so that your hair looks healthy a Read more
protect your skin during winter

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 15-10-14
How to protect your skin during winter

1. Deal with the dryness:
As the climate changes so does the pattern of your skin. The most certain and obvious change that you notice in your skin is 'dryness'. Soaked almonds made into a paste and then mixed with a few drops of h Read more
dark circles

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 10-10-14
How to hide dark circles with make-up

Dark circles may appear almost in all delicate areas of skin and body especially around the eyes. The area around the skin always looks dulls when dark circles appear. It is very easy to develop a dark patch or circle on your skin but v Read more
Feet and it\\\\\\\'s care

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 09-10-14
Feet and its care

Your feet move you through the world, help you stand up to your day, and ground you. They also need to be kept soft, strong and free of problems.

These 6 steps will help your feet stay fabulous.
1. Soak Your Fe Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 08-10-14
Ways to transform your complexion within minutes

1. Water to your rescue:
As doctors suggest, drink a minimum of eight glasses of water on daily basis. You can also increase your water intake by 10-12 glasses gradually. Water is magic for the skin. It instantly perks your skin and Read more
color your hair

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 07-10-14
Color your hair to perfection

If discussions involving you invariably resolve around your grey hair, it is time to give yourself a makeover.
Darker hair colors enhance the look of neatly cut styles and make men look youthful. If temporary hair mascaras, conditioners Read more
apply face cream

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 06-10-14
Four ways to apply face cream

Face creams have become a must in a womans wardrobe. They are available in different flavours, colors and brands.
If you are not very sure as to how you could actually apply a face cream the right way, here is the way how you could find i Read more
take care of your Feet

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 01-10-14
How to take care of your Feet

1. Soak Your Feet
A relaxing foot soak for 15-20 minutes will do wonders. You may add aromatherapy salts or oils to the water. Do not use water that is too hot. This will cause your skin to dry out more. Use a toenail brush to gent Read more
colored contact lenses

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 24-09-14
Are colored contact lenses safe for your eyes

It seems to be really attractive and beautiful to change your eye color from staid, loyal brown to exciting shades of amethyst and hazel.
Colored contact lenses are made in use for cosmetic purposes in order to enhance and give you a mor Read more
beauty tips

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 16-09-14
Fun Beauty Secrets And Tips

(*) If you need an instant glow and an overall healthy looking skin all you need to do is bend over at the waist, as far as you can possibly bend and try to hold to a count of thirty.

(*) Try gentle massaging on your fa Read more
blackheads and whiteheads

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 15-09-14
Say good bye to blackheads and whiteheads

Blackheads and whiteheads are complete no-no when it comes to attaining a perfect personality which is devoid of any alterations and looks to be flawless.
They are actually mere impurities of skin and can be removed completely with the he Read more
cosmetics and women

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 12-09-14
How cosmetics have influenced women

A cosmetic is a preparation applied to the body especially the face to improve its appearance. The Oxford English Dictionary defines cosmetic as something that has the power to adorn, embellish or beautify especially the complexion. Something t Read more
Tips to prevent wrinkles

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 11-09-14
Tips to prevent wrinkles

A wrinkle is a fold, ridge or crease in the skin, which appears on the skin as the age gets advanced. Skin wrinkles appear as a result of aging processes habitual sleeping positions, loss of body mass, etc.
As you age, your skin loses its Read more
Benefits of  Sandalwood

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 29-08-14
Benefits of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is the name of a group of fragrant trees found mostly in India and also in other countries too such as South Asia, Indonesia and Australia. Its a comparatively slow-growing aromatic tree which is mostly used by perfume makers Read more
Beauty Secrets

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 25-08-14
Beauty Secrets around the world

When it comes to beauty routines, women belonging to each country have their way of looking after themselves. Certain natural techniques followed in different countries are as follows:
1. Chile:
Red grapes are said to be th Read more
handle dry hair

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 21-08-14
How to handle dry hair

Lack of moisture content in hair is a problem that is being faced by many of us. This condition ultimately leads to dry and frizzy hair. For many of us dry hair conditions are normal and does not cause much of an issue. It is not unusual to moi Read more
importance of fruits

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 19-08-14
Many Importance Of Fruits

Try Fruit Treatments for a glowing Skin
Bananas help maintain elasticity of the skin, strawberries give exfoliation and cleanses your skin. It is seen that fruits will help in having a glowing skin.
Read more

Beauty and Fitness
Posted on: 19-08-14
Lemon as a Nail Strengthener

In order to get long and healthy nails, there is a need of an enhancer which could strengthen the weak nails that tend to chip, break and peel. Constant exposure to outer environment, chemicals and excessive amount of water can weaken your nai Read more

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