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Posted on: 13-11-14
Why brown rice is healthier than white

There exists a common debate over the two main types of rice varieties such as white rice and brown rice. Majority of people opt for having more of white rice than brown for it's appetizing taste and appearance. Brown rice has more health benefits than white rice as the refining process removes the hull of the rice kernel and hence, the nutrition remains intact.
Refining process such as milling and polishing is conducted which usually strips off the essential nutrients and minerals.

A full cup of brown unpolished rice consists of about 88 percent of manganese, 27.3 per cent of selenium, 20.9 per cent of magnesium, 18.7 per cent of tryptophan and only 12 per cent calories. Conversion of rice from brown to white always destroys and hampers almost half of the iron content.

Nutrition and wholesomeness
Brown rice has oodles of fibrous concentration. Packed with natural oils, brown rice proves to be extremely heart-friendly. In order to achieve healthy bowel movement and losing weight, consumption of brown rice helps in great deal. About 80 percent of daily requirement of manganese in the body is fulfilled by a cup of brown rice. Type 2 diabetes can be kept under control by replacing white rice with brown rice. This method can also reduce the risk of heart diseases. Food experts claim that, Like wheat, brown rice is also a type of whole-grain. Organically grown wild brown rice is the best as it is packed with all the essential nutrients and vitamins.

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