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Posted on: 19-02-15
Breathe well during exercise

Why is breathing properly do vital ?
This can very well be explained through simple terms. Breathing is highly essential for carrying out vital functions of the body. But there are times when we get totally engrossed in physical activities like pushing, lifting and pulling things. During such strenuous activities we usually tend to hold our breathe. We are somehow unknowingly holding our breath, that makes muscles to get depleted, which causes exhaustion and fatigue. This is the reason why we become lethargic and thus, benefits of working out is lost.

It is not as difficult and impossible as it sounds. Try practicing the right breathing techniques while carrying out working out patterns.

When you are practicing cardio activities such as jogging, running etc on treadmill or cycling, you should start practicing deep yet relaxing breaths which is otherwise called as belly breathing.

Weight training
During weight training, ensure to breathe out during exertion. For example, while working with dumbbells, exhale wile flexing the muscle and inhale on your way to the starting position. Basically, you have to breathe out on positive contraction and breathe in on negative contraction.

Ab exercises
It is important to breathe in and breathe out properly while carrying out abdominal exercises such as crunches. Exhale on your way up to the crunch and then inhale on your way downwards to the initial position.

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