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Brain is active while we sleep

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Posted on: 26-09-14
Brain is active while we sleep

We wake up feeling all refreshed and all active for your daily course of activities, when we have a sound sleep. Sleep affects the overall quality of life right from the way we look, feel and perform on daily basis.

Both quality and quantity of sleep are important to get the most of your sleep. Teens need at least 8½ hours—and on average 9¼ hours—a night of uninterrupted sleep to leave their bodies and minds rejuvenated for the next day. Body requires enough sleep and rest for performing many bodily activities such as muscle repair, memory consolidation and hormone release, that regulates growth and appetite.

Researchers are still in search and baffler by many aspects of how it really gets operated like this. Science has been conducting vivid studies from decades on the link between dream and sleeps, still there are no 100 per cent results being found on how exactly it functions. We do know that our dream cycle is typically most abundant and best remembered during the Rapid Eye Movement(REM) stage of sleep. So, eyes are in active mode while we sleep.

The sleeping brain can perform complex tasks, particularly if the task is automated, the study says. Researchers from Cambridge and Paris introduced participants to a word test while awake and found they continued to respond correctly while asleep.

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