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Posted on: 15-10-14
Blood pressure becoming common among youngsters

High blood pressure has become very common among youngsters these days due to the amount of stress in todays life. High blood pressure mostly occurs due to hereditary reasons as well. Dr Vijay D'Silva, medical director of a cardiac hospital, says, 'Apart from work-related stress, alcohol and smoking and other such related bad habits also lead young people become more prone to high blood pressure and heart ailments. This problem arises at a later stage in life.

What exactly causes high blood pressure:
High blood pressure, weight gain etc happens as a result of inadequate physical activity and stress. When you gain weight your heart finds it really difficult to pump enough blood to the arteries. This condition ultimately leads to high blood pressure and makes you more prone and vulnerable to other fatal diseases.

Excess amount of salt in your diet:
If your salt intake exceeds, it might give rise to high blood pressure at a later stage. As per Dr D'Silva, “The amount of salt that we put while cooking is enough for you. Adding more of raw salt to your diet will result in high BP conditions. Stress is another main factor along with unhealthy lifestyle practices. Lifestyle disorders can also be blamed for high blood pressure in youngsters.

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