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Posted on: 23-12-14
Blood groups A, B, AB at higher diabetes risk

Women who have blood groups A, B and AB are always in the top list and develop higher chances of getting Type 2 diabetes, a new study has found out. The study also highlights a strong relationship between blood group and risk of developing diabetes, with participants with the O blood type having a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes," said Guy Fagherazzi from Centre for Research in Epidemiology and Population Health in France.

For the study, the researchers collected data from more than 80,000 women in France followed between 1990 and 2008.

Woman who have blood group A had about 10 percent of more chances of having Type 2 diabetes. And those with blood group B had have 21 percent more chances of getting diabetes when compared to women with blood group O. The AB group was 17 percent more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. Compared with O- women, the highest increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes was found in B+ (35 percent increased risk), followed by AB+ (26 percent), A- (22 percent), A+ (17 percent).

The human ABO locus usually influences endothelial or inflammation makers as per the studies. ABO grouping is also linked with various molecules known to be connected to Type 2 diabetes. The study was published in the journal Diabetologia.

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