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blood group and memory loss

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Posted on: 01-10-14
Blood group linked to memory loss

American research suggests, that there are strong links between blood group and memory loss. People who have AB blood, found in almost 4% of the population. These individuals are more prone and likely to develop thinking and memory problems than those who belong to other blood groups. The study has also published that blood types would influence heart risk. The study also indicated that the best way to keep your brain healthy was to have a balanced diet along with regular exercise and to quit smoking.

People with AB blood type have a total of about 6% of the group who developed cognitive impairment and problems which shows to be 4% seen in general population.
Having blood group, such as O, may generate a much lower risk of having cardiovascular ailments, which in turn protected the brain cells, as per the study conducted by the researchers.

Though more of research and analysis is needed to confirm this fact, it is still believed through the study that 'blood type is also related to other vascular conditions like stroke.

Commenting on the study, Dr Simon Ridley, head of research at Alzheimer's Research UK, said the research did not look at risk of dementia, and it was too early to say whether AB blood group might be linked to a higher risk of the condition.
He also added that 'a healthy balanced diet, with proper work out and exercise.

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