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Posted on: 05-02-15
Are you sleeping correctly?

Poor postures maintained while you sleep can affect your physical and emotional well-being. Adjusting your sleeping positions can have a huge effect on your posture, if you could deduct the amount of stress given on your back, neck and shoulders during your rest period. In fact, an incorrect sleeping position can also cause stress on your back leading to backache problems. Here are ways to improve your sleep:

1. Choose a sturdy mattress: You could always go for a comfortable and firm mattress instead of opting for a fluffy or spongy one that can do harm to your back. It should also be kept in mind that mattresses are supposed to be changes after every seven to eight months. If at all you feel that your mattress more lumpy now, it's high time that you change it.

2. Use the right pillow: Always go for a right pillow that would help support your neck and you might feel sore when you wake up. While you use a pillow you should keep your chin parallel to your bed instead of resting on your chest region.

3. Sleep on your side: Whether it's sleeping on your right or left, side sleeping posture is always recommended by some eminent sleep experts. If at all you do not feel comfortable sleeping on either sides, try sleeping on your back and keep a pillow under your knees.

4. Never sleep on your stomach: Sleeping on your stomach can have a lot of stress on your neck and spine. Similarly, some people use their hand to sleep on.

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