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Best postures in front of your computer screen

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Posted on: 20-10-14
Best postures to maintain in front of your computer screen

In this technology driven world, it is highly impossible to carry out things without the help of technology and it is imperative to use technology for the reason it has been crated to make things easier for us.
But if continuous use of technology takes a toll on your body, then its high time you check out with the ways of using it. People generally complain about stiffness of neck, strain in eyes, and headaches due to excess computer usage.
Here are the best postures to maintain while sitting in front of your computer screen to avoid the unnecessary strain:

Sit comfortably in an upright position with your eyes held in a straight line with your computer screen. Relax your shoulders by resting your elbows on the arms of the chair and wrist at your table top.

Try to avoid eye strain by taking breaks in the meantime of work. Look away from your screen to distant objects. You can close your eyes in between for a few seconds and press it slightly with your palms for instant relief. Make an effort to blink your eye lashes that can help in lubricating them.

Simple neck exercises will also help you out. Bend your neck backward and forward, touching your neck bone with your chin. Move your neck clockwise and anti-clockwise, repeat it a few times in day.

Spread your fingers wide, then close it into a tight fist and repeat it a few times. This simple exercise can relieve you of the pain you get with constant typing.

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