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Posted on: 16-12-14
Pick foods that ease digestion

The festive season is here and there are innumerable mouth watering offers in most of the eateries. The fact is a part of the festivities and to combat the side-effects of this, you can try include some of the following food items in your daily diet.

Avoid too much salt
Dietitians and experts say that excessive salt is not too good for your health. It causes water retention and is the reason for your bloated feeling. Avoid having salted potato wafers and finger fries that are processed and have high salt content. If you are looking for snacks have some unsalted almonds.

Chew on mint leaves
This is an age old remedy often suggested by health experts. Having pudina can ease your digestive problems and help irritable bowel syndrome. Experts say that mint oil appears to be able to smooth and relax bowel movements.

Have citric juices
Juices of citrus fruits like oranges, lemon, pineapple and apple vinegar etc, are known to promote digestion. When this is consumed around 20 to 30 minutes before meal, in digestion is sometimes caused by lack of stomach acidity and natural acids in oranges may be a fix.

Have a bowl of curd
Probiotic curd, fresh yogurt have live bacteria that help in digestion that help in digestion, say gastroenterologists.

Have bananas
Considered one of the easiest to digest fruits, a banana is ideal when you are a victim of overeating. This sweet pulpy fruit has soluble fibers that is known to reduce diarrhea. Rich in potassium, these fruits help the digestive system to function in a smooth manner.

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