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Posted on: 21-11-14
Anti-aging diet for your skin

Eat a fiber-rich diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. In order to keep yourself young drink 8 to 10 servings a day. Eating fruits and vegetables would generally help lower the levels of calorie and increases the ability to detoxify and renew your cells.
Add these anti-aging foods in your regular diet and get a healthy looking, young and glowing skin:

Berries: The presence of anti-oxidants gives berries their blue, red and purple colors. To get a healthy dose of this potent antioxidants, include lot of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, pomegranate, cherries and oranges in your diet. Each of these foods has a variety of other powerful antioxidants that repair and protect your skin’s cells.

Spinach: Intake of spinach gives you with healthy looking skin that also helps enhance skin hydration because of the presence of additional antioxidant capacity.

Nuts: Eat a handful of nuts and seeds a day. They are loaded with “good” fat that helps “plump” your skin, antioxidants and lots of minerals that are good for your skin, too.

Water: Always stay hydrated. Caffeinated beverages would help you stay hydrated, this can help you give glowing and shallow-looking skin.

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