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Posted on: 12-11-15
Beef controversy in India into a different medical direct

Beef controversy in India into a new lead as veteran scientist PM Bhargava returns his ‘Padma Bhusan’ in protest against alleged rise in intolerance in the country on the context of beef ban controversy. He says that ancient Indian scriptures imposed no bar in eating beef and at times Ayurveda prescribed beef for those suffering from the loss of flesh due to disorders caused by an excess of irregular fever, dry cough, fatigue, and also in cases of excessive appetite resulting from hard manual labour.

In India beef is not just a food, but a political tool which initiates a lot of controversy. As the pro-Hindu political group who says cow is a divine animal according to Hinduism, and it should not be killed but worshipped, wants it banned in India. Controversies are flourishing as the Muslim community get haunted by the fundamentalists among the Hindu group.

The real issue to be discussed for the ultimate benefit of human race is that, different streams of medicines say different things about beef. As Ayurveda supports beef, Modern medical science says that beef causes a lot of health issues. This is a real complicated issue when it comes to a point where whom should we follow.

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