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Posted on: 24-01-15
Beauty woes and their fixes

Dry unmanageable hair, dandruff, flaky skin, itchy scalp – all these cold weather issues can make you look worse throughout the season if neglected. There are some beauty tips that you could actually follow to get a fresh looking face.

Prepare your skin
An aroma oil body massage is very important for your skin. Winter is the best time for your skin to have the nourishing and hydrating French facials. Slather on a moisturizer on damp skin immediately after taking a bath or use oil before you step in for a shower. Don't use scrub in cold weather. Switch to creamy moisturizers and face creams with antioxidants, vitamins and rich butters to keep your skin soft and supple for hours.

Tame your mane
Low temperatures and humidity would always leave your skin in a static form. Condition your hair every time you wash it by using a good quality conditioner depending on your hair type. To keep it shiny and lustrous, try apply a serum on towel-dried hair. It's a misconception that presence of oil in your scalp would help your hair grow but it actually hampers the health of your hair.

Modify your make up
Winter is a very challenging time and it's really important to look after your skin. Always try to use a primer before going for a make up. Creams based foundations are a better option. As they are rich in texture they remain on your skin for a longer period of time.
Use powder or compact sparingly to avoid dry, patchy skin. However, for oily or combination skin, use powder only on oily areas.

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