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Posted on: 20-01-15
Beauty, hair tips for working women

For working women who are out in the field, they get hardly any time to follow a hair or any related beauty regime. Experts put forth some simple tips that can help you have proper radiance and also provides fabulous looks.

1. Dry shampoo: Dry shampoos mostly tend to absorb the grease in your hair and also provides full volume. Simply spray the shampoo onto your roots and hair properly, wait for about 30 seconds and rub it off properly.

2. Waterproof mascara: By using water proof mascara you could surely get rid of panda eyes. Your lashes would appear lustrous for a longer period of time.

3. Headband: Wearing a headband would definitely make you look good and it might also hide a bad hair day. Try using a metallic headscarf at night.

4. Tinted lip balm: Chapped lips are a commonly seen problem in many of us during the winters. A tinted lip balm works in two ways, by giving a brightened up make up look and also moisturizes your lips.

5. Sun protection for hair: Direct exposure to the sun can damage you hair and discolour it too. One of the best techniques to carry out good care of your hair can be by applying a replenishing mask for deep treatment after the festival.

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