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Babies Brain Grow Faster

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Posted on: 19-08-14
Babies Brain Grow Faster

'Baby brains' grow more rapidly
Young babies tend have more rapid brain growth especially male brains. This was found by using advanced scanning techniques. The parts and areas of a brain that had movement developed at a faster rate.

Doctors have been using a measuring tape to measure a baby's head circumference from past many years. Any changes or differences in the growth pattern are checked as in future they may cause problems with the growth and development of the baby. But the tape measurement depends on the shape of the head.

Led by scientists at the University of California, researchers scanned the brains of 87 healthy babies from birth to three months.
Researchers have also found that newborn brains had a growth of 1% a day. Cerebellum, an area in the brain has the highest growth rate which doubles in size over the 90 day period. The region with the tinniest measurement was the hippocampus; this area of brain plays a key role in the memory enhancement.

If there are complications around the time of birth, a child's growth would be hampered in the few months. Examining babies who were born early, researchers have noticed that their brains were 4% smaller than the brains of babies born at full term.
Scientists are on their way to investigate if the alcohol and drug consumption by the pregnant woman affects the brain size of bay at the time of birth.

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