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Posted on: 12-03-15
6 Ways to avoid hypertension

Hypertension, otherwise called as high blood pressure is a very serious and chronic medical condition that increases the risk of getting many health related ailments that includes heart disease, strokes and kidney disorders.

Life plays a very important role in treating high-blood pressure or hypertension. Given below are certain tips to treat hypertension:

1. Maintains weight: People who are overweight should try losing weight and those who weigh normally should not gain excess weight in order to avoid further risk of hypertension.

2. Balance diet: Balanced diet and healthy food can help keep the blood pressure under control. Plenty of fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium in the diet should be taken. And one should follow diet that will help to manage blood pressure.

3. Exercise: Regular exercising is very essential for preventing hypertension. Along with this, physical activities draw an important role in having a control on blood pressure. Even if you do a 30 minutes long exercise, it would prove to be beneficial for you.

4. Monitor the blood pressure: One should make sure to check the blood pressure regularly. Hypertension occurs with no symptoms so its good to keep a check on your blood pressure levels.

5. Cut on salt: Have a control on salt consumption to keep the blood pressure normal. Salt intake can be kept under control by excluding or avoiding high-sodium packaged and processed foods.

6. Less alcohol: Too much alcohol intake leads to the problem of high blood pressure.

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