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Posted on: 05-12-14
Artificial pancreas can treat diabetes efficiently

An external artificial pancreas can help improve the glucose control and Type-1 diabetes as per a recent study. This has paved it's way against the conventional diabetes treatment. Type-1 diabetes can lead to major health issues such as cardiovascular ailments, vision loss, etc that arises from the autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing beta cells present in the pancreas, that ultimately leads to increased amount of glucose in urine and blood.

The external artificial pancreas comprises of an auto mated system that helps stimulate the normal functioning of pancreas by continuously adapting insulin delivery based on the variations in the glucose levels.

Two configurations exist: The single-hormone artificial pancreas that delivers insulin alone and the dual-hormone artificial pancreas that delivers both insulin and glucagon. While insulin lowers blood glucose levels, glucagon has the opposite effect and raises glucose levels.

The study also confirms that the artificial pancreas systems enhances and improves the glucose control and also lessens the risk of hypoglycemia in comparison to conventional pump therapy. The researchers compared the dual-hormone artificial pancreas, the single-hormone artificial pancreas and the conventional insulin pump therapy in 30 adult and adolescent patients with Type-1 diabetes, who had been using an insulin pump for at least three months. With the early generation on continuous glucose control levels, the technology should be made available commercially.

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