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Posted on: 06-02-15
Apt foods to eat while reading

We all love to get indulged in something to eat while we devour a book. Wrong kind of snacks would leave you unwell. Here's a checklist...

What to have?

Tea: Tea is always refreshing and there is off course something soothing about the beverage that can add much of pleasure while you go on reading.

Wafers and cookies: A healthy packet of wafers and cookies can be munched in moderation when you are engrossed in reading. A tip is to put some out into a bowl and eat just that much. Excess consumption can lead to weight gain and other related health issues.

Shell pasta: This dish is not as messy and runny as you think as you have it with the help of a fork held in one hand and on the other hand you could very well hold a book.

A Smoothie: Get a dose of refreshment and some nutrition while you're at it. A fruit smoothie can satiate you. Have it minus the sugar, with just some honey for taste.

What to avoid?

Chocolate: Chocolate adds to an unnecessary dosage of sugar. Chocolate also slows down the digestion process. Have a little of darker variety if could ever have.

Aerated drinks: These drinks have large amount of sugar, tooth decay and at a longer run may lead to kidney disorders. Try having fresh lemonade or coconut water instead of having aerated drinks.

White bread sandwiches: These sandwiches are devoid of fibers and nutrients. The study also says that those who eat such things regularly at at a higher risk of developing diabetes.

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