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Posted on: 06-10-14
Four ways to apply face cream

Face creams have become a must in a womans wardrobe. They are available in different flavours, colors and brands.
If you are not very sure as to how you could actually apply a face cream the right way, here is the way how you could find it out. It might sound weired when we say that there exists a right way in order to apply a face cream. But there exists some methods through which it could be carried out;

1. Wash your face first:
Always wash and clean your face properly before applying a face cream so that it penetrates and gets deep into the pores of the skin. No matter at what time of the day or night you apply the face cream, it is necessary to wash your face. Also try to use a gentle face cleanser to wash it off in a proper manner.

2. Application on damp skin:
It's always good to apply your face cream on damp skin. Creams prove to lock moisture in a better way when your skin is damp or as soon as you take bath. After you finish, pat your skin dry. If you wait for your face to dry off completely, it won't work.

3. Use small quantities:
Using small quantities of face cream would be best to apply on your face. Using more amount will not prove to be beneficial as more quantity would take more time to get absorbed into the skin.

4. Dab it smooth:
Instead of taking a finger full of it, apply small spots all over your face and then spread it out.

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