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Posted on: 20-08-14
Anti-obesity drugs may work in middle-age

A new study has revealed that middle-aged people can manage weight and stay slim and fit with the intake of obesity drugs. These drugs that are suppose to re-ignite the appetite would help to have a control on your food intake, according to the researchers from the University of Aberdeen-led, reported the Daily Express.

The researchers conducted a study which comprised of middle-aged obese mice and healthy young mice. They found that the already existing, anti-obesity drugs reduced the food intake of mice in both the group of mice. Our brains change as we get older or more obese, leading to a “rewiring” of the parts involved in energy balance.

Animal studies are ideal for basic research, but trials on humans are required before an assessment of the benefits and risks of anti-obesity medications can be made. The anti obesity medications reduces food intake in middle aged and obese mice same as that in the case of human beings.

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