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Animal Food Sources

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Posted on: 25-08-14
Animal Food Sources

Animal food sources mostly come from animal sources such as milk, meat, eggs, cheese and yogurt. Many of us consume these products in order to build up a healthy body mass. On the other hand many individuals do not consume animal sources either because of personal choices or due to unavailability to these people.

Some of the widely used animal food products are as follows:
1. Cattle:
Beef and other food products such as milk, meat, butter, ghee etc are obtained from cattle. What are the beef animals giving us? They are enriched with body building flesh which is being consumed by many of us. They include ground beef, ribs, liver.
Cows are another species which in the cattle breed which provide us with nutritional products. There are immense products which are known that we obtain from cows namely, milk, cheese, cream etc.

2. Poultry:
Poultry meat(meat from chickens and ducks) have the highest per-capita consumption in India. They are available in the form of nuggets, sausages, roasted or fried, boneless, wings, BBQ, etc. chicken are the main sources that produce eggs.

3. Sheep and Goats:
Sheep produce milk that is safe for people to drink. This milk can be made into cheese, yogurt and various other dairy products.
Apart from milk, wool is another product which we get from sheep that has high demand.

4. Fish and Sea food:
Fish are the most healthiest animal products which could ever be consumed. They contain omega-3 fatty acids, highly beneficial for health. Intake of fish would lessen the chances of developing diseases such as cancer, heart ailment etc.

5. Bees:
Honey bees help crops grow by a process called pollination. Bees make honey from the nectar of the plants and flowers. This honey is collected later on, by the bee-keepers.

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