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Posted on: 04-12-14
Why so much addiction towards sugary foods

Cookies, cakes, candies, cone high with ice creams, are so tasty and attention grabbing that we feel like consuming them What exactly matters that makes sugary food so hard to resist?

Sugar has a class of molecules called carbohydrates. If you check and go through the list of things you buy on monthly basis there are abundance of sugar content in many of the foods we buy namely glucose, sucrose, fructose, lactose, starch and dextrose mostly seen in raw sugar, honey, fruit juices, etc.
Sugar is not only found or added into sweets, confectioneries and deserts but also added to tomato sauce, yogurt and dried fruits.

What exactly happens when you touch a little bit of sugar through tongue? It activates the sweet taste receptors present in on your tongue. These receptors then send a signal to the brain from there it goes to other main parts of the brain such as cerebral cortex and other such related parts.

There are four types of taste varieties present in cerebral cortex namely sweet, bitter, salty and sour. So then what exactly makes you say, 'I want it again, or should I do that again'. Not just food but socializing, sexual behavior and drugs also activates the reward system. But over activation of these senses can prove to cause adverse effects.

It becomes highly impossible and difficult for the ones who have got a strong urge of consuming sugary foods all the time.

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