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Women’s Health

Women are God’s special creations who merit extraordinary concern. Even though they share similar health problems with men, women have their own health issues which have to be considered seriously.
Most women in the past did not get the chance to live long enough, as they had to face a lot of diseases, had to get married and have children at a very early age. But now, the life expectancy has been raised up to 82 years of age, and continuing to rise.
Now, most women live longer and enjoy an enhanced quality of life. But for that, women should fundamentally take-over their own bodies and maintain health and fitness. It would be helpful if men realize and support the health concerns of the women.
General health and wellness of a Woman
It is favorable that a woman maintains her optimal weight. Increase in weight prone to develop heart attack, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Eating sensible meals, avoiding in between food and drink, avoid smoking and alcohol and regular exercising are considerable ways to control weight and reduce the risk of health problems.

Cosmetic concerns
"Cosmetic" not only means just a make-up preparation used externally, such as lipstick, but also, a medical procedure performed to rectify defects or to improve the appearance. The number of women who are doing them is increasing by time.
There are procedures to improve the quality and tone of skin such as chemical peels. Collagen and Botox injections are done for the modification of wrinkles. Lasers can remove unwanted hair whereas lack of hair (baldness) can be remedied by drugs or surgical implants.
Liposuction and Plastic surgery is done to remove extra fat and skin  and repositioning the skin and tissue.
Breast reconstruction, done following breast cancer, is usually seen in a different angle. Since all of these cosmetic procedures are medical in nature, it is essential that a woman understand their pros and cons.
Diseases more common in women
Alcohol toxicity, cirrhosis, and hepatitis among drinking women, migraine, headaches, hypertension, rheumatoid, osteoporosis (where the bone density decreases), all are major health concerns for women.
Cancer in women
Certain cancers are specifically affecting only women.
1. Breast cancer increases deaths among women. Researches show that, the earlier it is detected, faster it can be remedied.
2. Cancer of the ovaries also referred to as ovarian cancer, since its detection is very difficult in the early stages, it is often referred to as the "silent killer."
3. Colorectal cancer, cancer of the large intestine. Enriching the diet with fruits, vegetables and supplementing with antioxidants reduce the risk.
4. Lung cancer causes death, especially among smoking women. To stop smoking is important to lower the damage and to ensure long life.

For a woman; planning of pregnancy is, to learn everything she can, to optimize her and her baby’s health. To increase the chances of having a healthy baby, she should know what to do before and after she conceives. Although pregnancy lasts only for nine months, it is a critical period when, the woman's health requires good maintenance and care.
Motherhood is considered to be “near to divinity”. Even though a woman's fertility is limited to a 40 year period, her mothering responsibilities tend to last till her whole life. A mother is a mother forever.

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