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Weight Loss And Diabetes

Any weight loss in a diabetic patient can be viewed in two ways. It can be either intentional weight loss or unintentional weight loss. This means that a diabetic can bring about weight loss either deliberately or otherwise. Certain diabetics who are overweight have a tendency to lose weight. But it is not a good sign if diabetic patients with normal weight also should lose weight. This weight loss can happen in many ways.

Loss of Weight Due to Insulin Resistance

Regular use of insulin therapy can bring about insulin resistance in a diabetic patient’s system. So it is necessary that there should be a reduction in this resistance. For effective glucose absorption in the tissues, they have to be metabolized and for this insulin are essential. This might prevent metabolizing.  To offset this increased doses of insulin should be administered to the diabetic patient. In such a case with insulin levels remaining high in the body, losing of weight becomes almost impossible.

Weight Loss Due to Dehydration

Sugar levels are naturally high with a diabetic patient. As a result they urinate frequently causing dehydration in the process. This makes them lose their weight. To compensate for the dehydration they have to drink a lot of water. This dehydration combined with high sugar levels causes a muscular breakdown. And high sugar levels induce an unhealthy loss of weight in the tissues. In any case, if you are a diabetic and want to lose weight there are several ways to gain your wish. But don’t do this on your own, seek professional help.

Weight Loss Due to Reduction in Carbohydrate Content

A diabetic patient should not on any account begin reducing the carbohydrate content in their diet too much. If this happens, his body will start burning the fat. You simply cannot achieve weight loss just by cutting down on the consumption of carbohydrates rather suddenly. The cut down should occur over a long period of time. And don’t forget to watch your calories while you are at it.

Weight Loss Due to Improper Diet

Make it a point to consume the proper kind of meal at the right time. It will not help you if you just skip meals or eat too much at the same time. Eat a well balanced diet and consume it in small amounts over some time. In this way a diabetic sustain normal weight.

Losing Weight by Low sugar Intake

The degree of sugar level in the blood should be noted frequently. A high amount of sugar can be very risky making the person overweight. So every item of food and drinks containing sugar ought to be done away with making the system effectively retain its balance.

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