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5 Tips To Quit Smoking

1. Want to quit smoking, just stop it: if you are trying to quit smoking, stop smoking even a single cigarette. If you try to smoke fewer cigarettes, but do not stop completely, soon you will be smoking the same amount again. Smoking even a single cigarette a day can hurt your health.

2. Write down and by heart why you want quit smoking

1. I want to live a healthy life
2. I want set a good example to my children, family and friends
3. Save money.
4. I am wasting money, which is intended for me and for my loved ones.

3. Accept that quitting smoking is very difficult: It is true that stop smoking is very difficult but not impossible. We can make it easy by making simple changes in your life. Some are given below, you find out the situations that persuade you to smoke
1. Avoid situations and friend circles that encourage you to smoke
2. Whenever you feel like smoking, move on to a place where smoking is prohibited.
3. Whenever you feel like smoking, do light breathing exercise
4. Make your mind strong and say no if some offers you a cigarette.

4. Seek help if needed: You can seek help from health professionals for any health related problem developed after quitting smoking. You can seek help from your well wisher those who are non-smokers. Remember always, the only person who can help you in this matter is only you than anybody else.

5. Make your mind to live without cigarette: The wonderful news for you is that there are billions of smokers quit smoking every year and learned to live without it. If they can do it why can’t you. This shows how strong you are. It is not the situation, stress or habit forming nicotine, smoke or cigarette that controls your smoking habit, it’s your week heart and lack of self control make you to smoke. If you quit smoking it shows, how self controlled and strong you are. Bear in mind that if you do not quit smoking, a time will come for you to quit smoking due to some health related problem caused due to smoking. So why don’t you quit smoking right now when you are healthy and avoid these diseases.


Note: above all you have to remember that there is no alternative to smoking. If you find out alternative habit like drinking tea or chewing tobacco instead of smoking, there are chances to have smoking and alternative habit both together.

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