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The Miracle Food- Soy

A real miracle food, which is inexpensive, and a nutrient packed source of protein. Fresh or frozen soybeans are good either boiled or steamed as a side dish, or added to soups.Soy- based foods are considered to reduce heart problems considerably. It is mostly included Asian diets. Soy may even protect from osteoporosis.
Soybeans have so many health benefits, including prevention from colon cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.Soy beans are available in dried, canned and frozen forms. Soy milk, sprouted soy, soy protein powder, and soy flour are also nutritious.Since it contains so much of health benefits, physicians mostly recommend the inclusion of soy in the diet.
The heart- healthy cancer fighter
1. Soy contains proteins and plant estrogens that benefit the heart and boost resistance to cancer.
2. For people with high cholesterol people, adding soy to the diet lowers potentially harmful LDL (bad cholesterol), and maintains the level of HDL (good cholesterol) levels unchanged.
3. But, for those people with normal or borderline cholesterol (approximately 200), does not get the same cholesterol reduction from soy.
4. Soy when replaces animal proteins in meals can prevent clogging of arteries.
5. Soy contains plant estrogens called isoflavones.
6. Isoflavones inhibit bone loss, thereby preventing osteoporosis.
7. They help to fight cancer too.
8. There is a major isoflavone; genistein which suppress proteins that protect cancer cells from the immune system.
9. Thus the immune system can effectively destroy misbehaving cells.
The quantity required
Soy is a low- fat, cholesterol free, protein source. Taking in of 3- 7 servings of soy products a week. Half cup of tofu, 2- 3 cups of soy milk, 28grams of soy protein powder, etc. make rich servings of soy in our daily diet.
How are they extracted?
1. The best sources of soy protein are made by water extraction.
2. Alcohol extracted meat or cheese substitutes, is stripped off the beneficial isoflavones.
3. A protein concentrate of soy may have been prepared by alcohol extraction.
4. The soy proteins may be present in them, but the protective plant estrogens may be lost.
It is best to use soy protein, instead of ground meat. Cream cheese can be substituted by soybean curd (tofu). Miso (fermented soybean paste) makes a good soup base. Grill tempeh (fermented soy bean cakes) can be used in burgers. Soy milk can be used along with cereals. Soy powder can be smoothened and added to improve richness.
Tofu comes in different levels of firmness; some are great for stir- fry, others for cheesecake. Even though tofu contains unsaturated fat, which does not harm the human heart, the fat in grams should be considered well before purchasing.
Can it be a replacement for estrogen?
Nutrients in soy show similar properties of the hormone estrogen and alleviate the symptoms of menopause, especially night sweats and hot flashes. In fact, soy is being studied as a natural alternative to estrogen replacement therapy. But, unlike estrogen, it does not increase the risk of breast cancer.

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