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Taking in alcohol affects reproductive health in men

According to the research published in the journal BMJ open, showed that consuming alcohol affects the sexual health in men and it is quantity dependent. Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol may affect sperm quality, which includes quality of sperm, sperm count and the number of normal sperm. It also leads to changes in the male reproductive hormone like testosterone and sex hormone binding proteins.

An observational study was conducted on more than 1221 danish men of age group 18-28 year old, gone through a complete medical examination to determine their fitness level for the military service.
The examination included a series of questions on their alcohol consumption. They were also asked to provide their blood and semen sample for analysis.

As per the result of the data analysis on drinking habit showed, the average number of units of alcohol consumed in the preceding weeks was 11 units (Consider 1 unit of alcohol is equal to 10 ml of pure alcohol). Nearly 65% of men reported binge drinking and about 59% had been drunk more than twice in the preceding month.

The study analysis on reproductive health showed that, drinking alcohol in the preceding week, had linked to changes in the reproductive hormone level and it was noticed that more alcohol they took, more changes occurred. The free testosterone level had increased and sex hormone binding proteins had decreased. Men, who typically consumed 5 or more units of alcohol a week had lower quality of sperm quality, low sperm count and lower proportion of normal looking sperm.

The higher the alcohol intake the more noticeable the effect. The men should be advised that, higher amount of habitual alcohol consumption may affect their general health and reproductive health as well. This study did not explain about sexual impotence associated with alcohol consumption.

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