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Stress has become a part and parcel of everyday life. It is not considered bad always as in small doses it can help you perform under pressure and motivate you to do your best. One can always protect oneself by recognising the signs and symptoms of stress and to reduce it's harmful effects by following some simple steps.

Stress at times is the body's way of protecting you. It helps one stay focussed, energetic and alert. It even acts as a life saver which gives you extra strength to defend yourself at the time of emergencies such as accidents and other unfamiliar incidents.

At the time of meeting up challenges stress is something which keeps you on your toes, sharpens your concentration or even enables you to take an issue seriously when required.

It is always necessary to know or recognise your stress levels because if it gets increased in (it) might turn slightly dangerous and can creep on you easily.Over stress can also affect your relationships at home, work and school with others and it can also take a toll on mental and physical health.

There are 7 different types of stress being classified, such as-

1. Mental:
Perfectionism, worry, anxiety, long work hours could be some of the reasons for the cause of mental stress.

2. Emotional: Emotional factors such as anxiety, fear, guilt are some of the emotional traits which might generate stress.

3. Physical: Physical exertion, manual labour, lack of sleep etc are physical stress.

4. Chemical: Environmental pollutants such as chemicals and pesticides, caffeine, nicotine intake etc can prove to be fatal at times.

5. Nutritional: Vitamin, mineral and other essential component deficiency in body can cause stress level to raise up.

6. Traumatic: Severe infections, illness, extreme temperatures, injuries or burns, etc can leave a negative impact in us which might slowly or gradually develop stress.

7. Psycho-spiritual: Psycho-spiritual stress develops from financial or career pressures, challenges in life and many such mental pressures are some common factors lying behind.

Some Methods/steps/ways to relieve stress:

Practice some relaxation exercises:

Practising small exercises such as Breathing, Meditation etc. would help improve stress level conditions

Get enough sleep:

Enough amount of sleep is required for body's ability to refresh , heal and recharge.

Have Food on time, Eat right:

Eating balanced and nutritional food, help support your body’s natural immune and healing systems, and helps body to cope successfully with other sources of stress.

Change attitude and Perceptions:

Applying spiritual principles to stressful life situations offers direction as well as more of peace of mind and heart. But, irrespective of spiritual practices, daily yoga or following rituals, we can always prefer to do what we wish to do and experience inner happiness, self-love, self-respect and self-worth.

Develop Good Relationships:

Its always good to have true friends on whom you can rely upon or find support. Those who could share their love and happiness with you. You can, on the other hand be a great companion to others and become a good friend too. Such blissful relationships would always help you to overcome stress levels.




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