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Schizophrenia is a disorder of bran that makes hard for the patient to differentiate what is real and not real, do not have normal emotional responses, act differently in social situations.


A tough turmoil, characterized by the inability of a person to distinguish between imaginary and existing is known as, schizophrenia. They may remain indifferent or reserved, and may not express genuine feelings in certain public situations.It is a brain disorder, that makes the patient difficult to think, act, and respond in the normal way. They may see or hear things that do not exist in reality.The person suffering from the disease may not act violently, or do not create threat to others. Daily activities might become difficult for the patients. Childhood experiences, poor parenting, or lack of will power, etc., does not act as a cause for schizophrenia.The signs of the disease if identified earlier, proper treatment can be provided at the right time, so as to lead the patient into a contented and accomplished life. It may affect teenagers, adults, young children. It seems to be more severe in men than women.
Symptoms vary from person to person.There are five main symptoms;
1. Delusions; they include unreasonable or weird ideas or daydreaming.
2. Hallucinations; they are sounds or other sensations felt by the person as real, when it exists only in the mind. They seem to be meaningful to the person experiencing it. They may hear abusive words coming from within them. These become even worse, when left alone.
3. Disorganized speech; sectioned thinking is the characteristic of schizophrenia. The way of speaking by these patients can be easily distinguished. They are unable to concentrate and think properly. The way of speaking might be confusing and unrelated to the topic being discussed.
4. Disorganized behavior; unable to interact with others properly, looses the ability to take care of himself.
5. Negative symptoms; these are referred to the absence of normal behavior, commonly seen in healthy people. They may find it difficult to maintain proper eye contact, care for the self, keep away from society, staying away from conversations, etc.
1. Paranoid schizophrenia; develops severe doubtfulness
2. Disorganized schizophrenia; confused speech and thought
3. Catatonic schizophrenia; withdrawn personality, less talking, negative attitude
4. Residual schizophrenia; looses significance in life, become de- motivated
5. Schizoaffective disorder; commonly causes serious depression among patients.
Certain before time caution may be seen months or years before the disease gets worse. These may include;
1. Seeing or hearing things which do not exist
2. Regular emotion of being observed
3. Speaking or writing non-sense things
4. Odd positioning of the body
5. Uncaring response towards very serious issues
6. Performances go down
7. Bodily appearance and hygienic conditions get affected
8. Personality changes
9. Irritating behavior towards loved ones
10.  Problem with sleeping
After effects:
The patients suffer from a great urge to commit suicide, they may get addicted to drugs, day to day activities may get affected, and even they may be put away from near and dear ones.
Treatment: Recovery depends upon how the patient is rehabilitated. Proper care and support can make them lead a peaceful life ahead. Several psychosocial rehabilitation programs, and self- help groups, can provide proper rehabilitation.

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