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How to manage autism at home  

Autism is a neural developmental disorder affecting social interaction, communication (both verba...

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Exposure to trauma leads to food addiction

Based on a completely new research published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry individuals subjected...

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Completely new device that detect food allergens in your food

A launch by the brand name of 6SensorLabs has raised $4 million for a sensing unit made to locate...

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Antioxidants are the good friends of your health

Antioxidants are a group of vitamins, minerals, and chemical compounds that seem to help keep awa...

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Introduction, Common Presenting Symptoms And Complications Of Hand Foot And Mouth Disease

Hand, foot and mouth disease also known as HFMD, is a viral disease caused by the coxsackievirus ...

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Concept Of Vata In Ayurveda

Vata is one among the three doshas (humors) which support the body. The term Vata is derived from...

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Concept Of Kapha In Ayurveda

The word Kapha has been defined as "kena jalena phalatiti kaphah" or that kapha is the product of...

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Concept of Pitta in Ayurveda

Pitta is one of the tridoshas (somatic humors). The term Pitta is derived from the Sanskrit root ...

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