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Eye and its Care

The Eye is the most important as well as the most complex organ of a human body. It has many working parts which perform various functions.
The function of the human eye is no less than that of a camera. It does the same task of what a camera does which includes gathering the image, focusing and transmitting light  through the lens to form an image or pictured which has been spotted.
Always be sure that you are seeing your best. For attaining a clear and healthy vision there are many tips which could be followed.

An eye examinations could definitely tell you as to how well and clear you can see. For this, one needs to visit an eye care professional or an ophthalmologist to get all the clarifications and queries cleared regarding your eye and it's health. Some people are unaware of the fact that they have an unclear vision just because, for them everything seems to be visible. But by using glasses or contact lenses such people with blurred vision can attain a clear vision.

1. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables
Vegetables like carrot has a high amount of beta carotene that helps reduce 'macular degeneration' of the eyes. Vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamin A is also beneficial for eye health.
Spinach has lots of vitamin A essence.
Incorporate a lot of green leafy vegetables in your diet, which would enhance your vision and overall health of the eye.

2. Avoid wearing contact lenses for more than 19 hours
Eyes need regular oxygen supply and if lenses are worn for hours long, it might block the passage of oxygen to eyes. Make sure that you remove your contact lenses before getting to bed at night. Wear it only as per the instructions given by the ophthalmologist or your eye care practitioner. It is also prescribed that lenses shouldn't be worn for more than 19 hours as it can cause extreme discomfort, irritation and infection to your eyes. Use of 3-D glasses should also be avoided.
Be sure that your hands are properly washed before putting on the lenses and also while taking out from your eyes.

3. Do not spend too much time looking at your computer screen
Looking at your laptop or computer screen for a longer duration of time may cause strain or muscle fatigue to your eyes. It is not said that it would cause permanent eye damage, but yes, to an extent it does affect your vision. The screen has got glares either being dark or bright.
Close your eyes for a while and relax in the meantime, so that you won't feel the strain.

4. Practice some eye soothing exercises such as focusing or staring at objects that are very near to your eyes and those that are far away. Repeat this procedure for sometime. Also close your eyelids and gently press it with the help of your fingertips. This would help relax the eye muscles and also regulates blood circulation in that area.
Rotate your eyeballs clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.
Also make it a point that you don't read in dim light and  moving vehicle.

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