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Get rid of Dark circles around the eye

The dark area or the dark blemishes seen around the eyes are called as 'Periorbital dark circles' or simply 'dark circles'. The blood vessels which are situated under the eyes are at times seen as dark circles through the skin. The skin present around the eye is the most thinnest of other skin areas of the body. Dark circles are mostly inherited characteristics seen in most people. The darkness depends on the thickness of the skin. The more darker the skin appears the more lighter is it's texture.
Apart from hereditary factors there might be other reasons too which might lead to dark circles under the eye such as aging, drying of skin, physical or mental stress, improper dietary habits, lack of enough sleep etc. Deficiency of iron and some essential proteins such as collagen and melanin may also result in this condition. It can happen to anyone irrespective of age and gender, to both men and women. But more prominently seen in women than in men.

Dark circles are not much of a serious health issue, but people want to get rid of it somehow. As it makes them look older than their actual age, make them appear exhausted and worn out.
When it becomes an irreversible problem we find it really difficult to cop up with such a  situation. Even after applying multi-layers of concealers and foundation the dark patches remain as it is. As much as we apply more of make up, the skin becomes even more susceptible to get darker as it looses it's natural texture.

There are certain tips which could be taken care of to remove dark circles to an extent:
1. Correct sleeping habits such as sleeping early with the use of a pillow, as a proper bed will rejuvenate your senses to give you a soothing sleep. Proper sleeping pattern would help in blood circulation throughout the body.

2. Avoid rubbing your eyes, as constant rubbing of eyes causes friction. And more of friction would produce more dark pigmentations on the skin. Not only in the case of under eye skin but also with regard to other parts of the body.

3. Cucumber acts as a good astringent which contains skin lightening properties. All you have to do is to cut the cucumber into thick slices, keep it refrigerated and then put on to your eyelids and the affected area. This procedure would help you have a noticeable reduction in the darkness around your eye.

4. Another such similar home remedy is to mix lemon juice along with cucumber juice and applying it around the eye with the help of a cotton ball. Wash it off after 15 minutes of application. Potatoes have also proven to be helpful as they too have  this ability to help reduce the puffiness and darkness around the eye.

5. Intake of seasonal fruits and vegetables would help you gain a smooth, pimple-free and unpigmented skin. For example, mango, banana, brinjal, leafy vegetables like spinach etc.

6. Make sure that you remove all the eye make-up such as mascara and eye-liner etc before going to sleep. All make-up should be washed off. The remains of the make up overnight , would cause skin darkening and eye irritations.

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