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Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

A medical procedure that is carried out by experts to improve the looks of an individual can be called a cosmetic surgery. The surgery also aims to wipe out the signs of aging, breast augmentation and liposuction, nasal surgery, lifting up of sagging face, excess fat removal from stomach and abdomen or smoothening of wrinkles in the brows. Non-surgical methods are also common which include; botox injections and hair removal by laser treatment.

Re-constructive cosmetic surgery is another type belonging to the category. It is moreover a corrective surgery to correct the painful physical deformities occurred by birth or acquired as a result of any disease or accidents. Skin grafting is carried out in victims of burns. Microsurgery is another method which is used to reattach body parts, performed microscopically and has to be done soon after detachment to maintain viability.

There are chances for complications also for the surgery. Infection, disfigurement, paralysis and even death can occur as result of surgery. The preview of the face of how it may look like after surgery may not be promising in reality, and it strongly depends on the skill of the surgeon and the skin type, bone structure, healing ability and overall health of the person.

The cost of the surgery has to be understood well before surgery. The mind should be made up to face any unsuccessful outcomes that can happen after the surgery. The reputation of the surgeon, the costs, the infrastructure of the hospital, etc. has to be made sure before going through it. Recent examples of similar operations should be insisted by the person undergoing the surgery. The suggestions from own family doctor, friends, co-workers, relatives, etc has to be taken into consideration. Personal experiences from those who have already undergone the same by the same surgeon can be really valuable. The reputation and qualification of the doctor as well as the nursing staff and anesthesiologist, proper equipments to monitor blood pressure and other important indications and also advanced life-support measures have to be maintained in these hospitals.

Cosmetic Surgery procedures that are commonly done by patients include:

1. Rhytidectomy; in order to improve sagging facial features like crepey neck by removing excess fat, muscle tightening and redraping of the skin. Even though permanence of 5-10 years are being claimed, it has the risks such as; infection, bleeding, facial paralysis, excessive scaring, etc.
2. Blepharoplasty; it corrects the puffy bags under the eyes and sagging eye lids. Infection, bleeding, swelling, unable to close the eyes completely, permanent blindness, etc. are proposed risks. Life time permanence is assured.
3. Eyebrow lifts; minimize wrinkles of the eye brows, droopy brows, etc. by tightening the tissues of the forehead. Loss of facial motion, infection, scarring, muscle weakness, etc. are risks. It is permanent upto 10 years.
4. Tummy tuck; flattening of the sagging stomach by removing excess fat and tightening of muscles. Blood clots, infection and scarring are risk factors. Lifetime permanence is assured with regular exercise and sensible diet.
5. Liposuction; changes body shape by sucking out of excess fat. Skin damage, pigment changes, sagging skin, infection, cardiac arrest, burns, etc. may occur. Lifetime permanence is assured with regular exercise and sensible diet.
6. Rhinoplasty; reshaping of nose, which may be done to improve the facial looks as well as to get rid of pulmonary problems like breathing obstructions. Red patches may appear on the nose. It provides life time permanence.
7. Mammoplasty; which includes breast implanting, reduction and lifting.

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