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Backache is the most common health problem after common cold in the world. It affects nearly 85% of the population at some point time in their life. Backache is the pain that is felt anywhere from the neck to the hip. Pain felt in the abdominal region till hip is referred to as Low Backache.
Severe Back pain restricts our movement, it should be taken very seriously and required medical care should be given. Persistent back pain, no matter how mild, should never be ignored.The Back pain can be neck pain, upper back pain, lower-back pain or tailbone pain.
Our Back Bone
Our back is a complicated structure consists of bones, cartilages, muscles and ligaments. Above all a cluster of nerve fiber called spinal cord run along the vertebral column or otherwise known as Spinal cord. The spine is flexible, made of 24 bones referred as vertebrae, which are stacked on top of each other. In between each bone of the spine, a soft cushion of cartilaginous tissue is placed to avoid friction between the bones called as disc. Major blood vessel called aorta that supply blood to the lower part of the body also pass in front of the spine from abdominal region.Injury to any of these structures can cause pain.
Cause of Backache
Backbone gives us structural support; help us to stand erect, gives wide range of movement, bear the weight and protects spinal cord and aorta. Our back bone is a complex structure and has wide verities of function; hence there are more chances to getting injured.There are a many of factors that can cause backaches. It can be physical to psychological cause.
Common causes of Backache are:
1) Weak muscle that support the backbone due to lack of exercise
2) Pot belly
3) Back muscle cramp
4) Tiredness
5) Over Stress or straining
6) Improper posture, either standing or sitting
7) Associated with other diseases, such as Diabetes, constipation, loose motion, urinary tract infection, Viral infection etc
8) Some medications
9) Pregnancy
10) Obesity
Back Ache caused due to injury:
1) Disc degeneration
2) Disc rupture,
3) Disc Herniated discs
4) Disc prolapse
5) Disc erosion  
6) Displacement of vertebra
7) Disc deterioration
8) Fractures of the backbone caused by accidents
9) Compression of the spinal column
10) Sudden distortion of the Vertebral column
Common type of Backache
1) Back Pain
2) Degenerative Disc Disease
3) Herniated Discs
4) Irregular curvature of the spine
5) Lower Back Pain
6) Neck Pain
7) Osteoporosis
8) Nerve compression
9) Abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal
10) Degenerative osteoarthritis

Usually back ache get resolved by itself in few days. If the pain persists for more than a week and affect daily activity, over the counter anti-inflammatory medicines can be taken. However, if this cannot be resolved, it is good to consult a doctor. A doctor can identify the exact cause of back pain with proper investigation and using proper diagnostic techniques.
Meet doctor immediately, if you experience any of the following symptoms
1) Back pain along with high fever
2) No control in urination or bowel movements
3) Back pain along with numbness in the legs
4) Backache followed to an accident or injury
5) Unbearable pain with light movement
6) Pain worsens when pressure is applied.
7) Backache with radiating pain goes down the legs.
8) Backache persists for more than 14 days
9) Pain persist even during rest
10) Women at menopause.
Back pain can be control to a greater extent with lifestyle modifications
1) Do back muscle strengthening exercise regularly.
2) Practice good sitting and standing posture
3) Sleep on a firm bad and better to avoid pillow.
4) Lift the heavy object by giving pressure on the leg.
5) Practice yoga
6) Consult a doctor if you have fallen down landing on your back.
7) Avoid sitting or standing in one position for longer periods.
8) Use correct foot ware
9) Proper management of the disease that can cause back ache; such as Diabetes, constipation, loose motion, urinary tract infection, Viral infection etc

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