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Heart Attack-awareness

Awareness on Heart Attack

The main reason for the heart attack is that the reduction in the blood flow towards the heart muscle. When the heart attack happens, the supply of the oxygenated blood to the heart muscle stopped or reduced. So the heart muscle gets damaged or destroyed.
The only way to recover is to restore the blood flow to the heart. Medical attention should be given on the spot when you feel the symptoms of heart attack.

Reasons for Heart Attack
One of the main reasons for heart attack is that, the increase in cholesterol level and accumulation of fatty material called plaque in the walls of arteries, that supply blood to the heart. It doesn't happen in days, it takes years to secret in our body. And when the secretion breaks off from the artery wall forming a blood clot, the heart attack happens.

Symptoms of Heart Attack
Symptoms vary in both men and women. It causes pain, pressure, or uncomfortable feeling in the chest. There are also many other symptoms like shortage of breath, sweating, fainting, vomiting, paint in the neck, jaw and shoulders. Men suffer from diaphoresis or cold sweat and the pain gradually moves down towards the left arm during heart attack.

Signs in Women
The U.S. Report says that about 435,000 women in the country suffer from heart attack each year. The indication of heart attack may be very mild or minor that they fail to notice.
The signs of illness in women are back or neck pain, heartburn, shortage of breath, nausea and indigestion.
Dizzyness and tiredness are also two main symptoms. Sleeping trouble and the signs of Flu occur 2 weeks before heart attack.

Precautions to be taken
The action should be taken immediately when you or someone feels the symptoms of heart attack. Immediately he should be taken to the hospital and 911 should be called.
First aid precaution like chewing and swallowing the aspirin will reduce the blood clot in the artery and this should be done only if they are not allergic. Hands-only CPR will increase the chance of his/her survival.

Analysis of Heart Attack
The heart's electrical activity can be checked through a device called EKG which helps to detect the clogged artery.
Blood tests can also be done which reveals the release of proteins during the cell damage.

Medication for Heart Attack
The main action that should be taken is to restore the blood flow towards the heart. Medicines should be given to dissolve the blood clots in the arteries.
A method called coronary angiogram is also done to the patient. It is method of inserting a thin tube with balloon on the end of the artery so that it opens the block by flattening the plague. Most of the time a mesh tube called a stent is placed to make sure that stays in the artery.

Hazardous nature of Heart Attack
Possibility of heart attack increases when the person gets older. Men are at more risk than women. Heredity also causes heart attack. Smoking is also one of the main reason for it. There are other reasons like high BP, high cholesterol level, diabetes obesity, lack of exercise, depression, and stress.

Avoidance of Heart Attack
Avoid smoking which reduces the heart attack by a third. Exercise regularly and eat at proper time. A report from American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week to reduce the risk of heart attack. Intake of aspirin also helps some people. Stress management also plays an important role.

Days after Heart Attack
Recovery from the heart attack can be within few days after the medication. Your daily routine can be followed within few weeks rest.
Cardiac rehabilitation association programs helps you to understand the recovery from the disease. It is also good to get the help of some counselors who will guide in the right way to prevent the next attack.

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