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attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD is the term many of us would have heard before. What does it actually mean? It is a common behavioral disorder that emerges in children before the age of 7, it is also seen bit earlier or in adulthood.

The precise cause of ADHD is not yet identified. Doctor, since 1902, believed that ADHD is a brain disorder caused due to very serious brain damage. This theory was later has proved wrong.

Now it is understood that the occurrence of ADHD has relationship with some biological factors like, density and size of the various brain structures and the way chemical reactions takes place within the brain.

Scientists have discovered that children with ADHD usually have smaller cortex, the part of the brain that controls thoughts and action. Diminished size usually occurs in the frontal lobe in the cortex of the brain.
The frontal lobe is a very important part of the brain, it has a role in many key functions, such as reasoning, judging, socialization and impulse control. It is also found that the nerve tissues of these children are thinner than the normal. It is also found that the neurotransmitters “ dopamine” in the brain of these children are abnormal.
Neurotransmitters are the chemical messengers that carry information from and to the brain. Since dopamine plays a key role in the proper functioning of the cortex, having abnormal dopamine, will affect the cognitive process such as, focusing, attention and concentration.

How to recognize the child with ADHD?
Parents need to carry out an analysis of the child's Behavior and Time-frame. The following steps will help you recognize your child have ADHD or not

1)Know their capacity to concentrate: Most of the children with ADHD don't seem to be listening even while someone is talking to them. Usually make careless mistakes. Loose or forget their whereabouts frequently. Have difficulty in following instructions.

2) Their energy level seems to be very excessive even during childhood. They are unable to sit without fidgeting. Get troubled at school in order to follow the rules and regulations. Running and climbing excessively or inappropriately. Some children talk excessively and interrupt constantly. Some children are more inactive than hyper active and vice versa. Boys more often fall in hyperactive category while girls are more likely to have more attention deficit problems.

3) Consider how long this had been going on. Keep observing the symptoms for more than 6 months to confirm ADHD.

4) Note where such behavioral patterns are exhibited by them. If it is only at home or only at school, sometimes other than ADHD may be the cause.

5) Measure the seriousness of the condition. Always kids with ADHD are regularly troublesome at school and at home. Their relationship worsens with adults and others around due to their disruptive nature.

6) If you find any of these signs in your child, take them to a pediatrician. Medical checkup is very important to rule out other causes for the behavior before ADHD is diagnosed.
Do you know?
Children of the mothers who had smoked during pregnancy were more than twice as likely to have ADHD as the Children whose mothers did not smoke.

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