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Is Bird Flu virus very dangerous to human?

No, “It is not as dangerous as projected”. Bird flu is usually not so lethal to human being as it is for the birds. Flu is caused by the Orthomyxoviruses that belong


by Leen B. Jesmas

It was last year December, an outbreak of avian influenza was discovered in British Columbia and thousands of turkeys and chickens were euthanized.Turkeys and chicken that were supposed to be slaughtered for Christmas were killed.
This is another December and this time Avian Influenza entered Asia.India has found thousands of dead ducks infected by a highly contagious bird flu virus in the southern state of Kerala, prompting the authorities to kill more than 200,000 birds.
It was found that the flu cases in India were not related to a wave of cases that hit Germany, Netherlands and Britain during these days. According to World Animal Health Data the flu that spread in India has not transmitted to human being. Avian Influenza commonly called as AI is an infectious viral disease. WHO warns that slaughter, defeathering, handling carcasses of infected poultry and preparation of poultry for consumption are the risk factors at this time of AI.

Oh My Lovely Goose

by Nikhil Raj N

                                                                                                                 Bird flu (Avian Influenza) is spreading and we humans find the easy way to protect ourselves by killing the birds. The most pathogenic strain, H5N1 has emerged in Asia, Middle east, Africa and Europe since the last 10 years. Turkey, chicken, ducks and other farm birds are mostly affected bird species. The flu has killed millions of birds in this period.Canada is in it's peak this year. Two more farms with 11,000 turkeys and 7000 chicken are found infected this week and is under quarantine

A deadly outbreak is reported in India last week. The influenza is reported in the duck-rearing region of central Kerala. 200,000 ducks are already killed, and another 50,000 ducks will be killed soon. India was affected with flu in the year 2006 as well which killed more than 250,000 chicken in central India.

Other than the health impact, bird flu has a direct economic impact in the developing countries. The majority of farms are owned by farmers of low income category. 

A sudden fall in the price of chicken, ducks and turkeys will result in a steep rise in the prices of meat and fish, which makes a huge economical imbalance. The massacre of the poultry has put them in a great dilemma. The farmers are forced to kill their geese that lay golden eggs for the safety of the society.

Is Bird Flu virus very dangerous to human?

by Bose R C

No, “It is not as dangerous as projected”. Bird flu is usually not so lethal to human being as it is for the birds.
Flu is caused by the Orthomyxoviruses that belongs to the family of RNA virus. The bird flu virus belongs to the genera Influenzavirus A. It is further classified based on the protein, hemagglutinin (H) – neuraminidase (N), present on the surface of the virus which is a weapon to invade the host. Based on this, officially around 198 different combinations of these proteins have been identified. Out of this, 21 of them causes flu to the birds and only one form of virus i.e H5N1 epizootic strain is found to transmit to the human beings.
Though H5N1 strain of virus is contagious to human beings, according to the WHO, only 393 human deaths have been reported globally between 2003-2013, while millions of fowls have died. So we need not worry much about H5N1 epidemics in humans. Bird flu virus spread through respiratory secretions and feces. People working in close proximity to infected live bird are susceptible to catch H5N1. There is no evidence that H5N1 transmit infection to the human from the cooked poultry, as the virus cannot survive at temperature above 70°C. So transmission can be prevented by keeping good hygiene once you happen to handle an infected bird. Above all we have effective medication that can fight against the invading virus. Virus cannot survive, for 30 minutes at 60°C, Acidic and Alkaline pH, Exposure to disinfectants, Ordinary levels of chlorine in tap water and Temperature above 70°C.

How important is personal hygiene...

by Anagha Mahesh

                                   For attaining a good health and proper grooming, personal hygiene is utmost important. Good looks can only be attained through careful and continuous care, grooming, cleanliness etc.
Many a times people are unaware of their poor hygienic conditions. For example: bad breath, dandruff etc. In these conditions the person may not feel his own personal ill- hygiene conditions.Also taking proper precautions towards the spread of diseases around you can only be possible through a well organized hygiene and cleanliness pattern. Cleanliness is not only associated with looking and smelling good but also to carry out oneself with all elementary basics of hygiene.
A person whom we care about may not be having knowledge on how to keep clean and healthy, in that case we should let them know and make them understand as to how personal cleanliness could be achieved.Skin problems, ill-health and other parasitic infections are the ultimate result of poor hygiene.


New cause of child brain tumour condition identified

by Jayakrishnan

                       Changes in a gene, increasing the risk of developing brain tumours in children with Gorlin syndrome, a rare inherited condition have been identified by the doctors and scientists from The University of Manchester.The new research has revealed that changes in a gene called SUFU also cause Gorlin syndrome other than the gene called PTCH1 and are 20 times more likely to develop a brain tumour.The way in which children with Gorlin syndrome are treated and how frequently they require brain scans are the major implications in the findings.

Deficiency of Vital-Amine D

by Bejoy Antony

                    Vitamin D is critical for good overall health and strong and healthy bones. It is also a necessary factor in making sure your muscles, heart, lungs and brain work well and that your body can fight infection. Vitamin D deficiency will not just give us worst effect to physical health, it also might be disastrous to mental health, according to a team of scientists who have found a link between seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, and a lack of sunlight.

Mango Pineapple Salad

by Anjali J Menon

2 Cups peeled, diced ripe mango
1/4 Cup diced fresh strawberries
1 Cup chopped fresh pineapple
1 Cup cashews and raisins
1/4 Cup flaked coconut
1/4 Cup chopped fresh mint

In a medium bowl, toss together mango, pineapple, strawberries, cashews, raisins and coconut. Garnish with mint. Cover, and chill in the refrigerator until serving.


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