Health Aspects of Social Media

More than 90% of users believes in the health information found via social media. Youth (18-24) use social media 2 times than 45- 54 Year old for health-related discussions. 31%


Health Headlines

WHO Ethics Panel Affirms Use of Experimental Ebola Drugs A World Health Organization (WHO) ethics panel has given a unanimous green light to use experimental medications in the West


by Leen B. Jesmas

A huge cry to uphold the rights and safety of Medical professionals, hospitals and patients is being raised these days from different corners of the world. A report from Syria shows that since the war began in 2011, hospitals, field clinics, ambulances, and vehicles transporting medicine and medical supplies have been deliberately targeted for destruction by government and opposition forces. Medical personnel have also been arrested, tortured, executed, and disappeared. A recent media report from Gaza described the medical situation there as follows, ”the harrowing descriptions by ambulance drivers and other medics of the utterly impossible situation in which they have to work, with bombs and bullets killing or injuring their colleagues as they try to save lives, paint a grim reality of life in Gaza.”
In the war hit Iraq, hospitals were shelled and medical professionals were forced to flee fearing attack.In another case ,four Indian doctors, who claim their passports have been confiscated by Nigeria government and they are being forced to treat Ebola patients against their will, express their desire to return home. These are all what is happening around the global medical world. Though there are Organisations to protect the safety and rights of the medical professionals,the Medics seems to be at gun point.

Health Aspects of Social Media

by Nikhil Raj.N

More than 90% of users believes in the health information found via social media. Youth (18-24) use social media 2 times than 45- 54 Year old for health-related discussions.

31% of health care organizations have specific social media guidelines in writing.
20% of smartphone users install at least one health app on their phone.
40% Parents (social media users) prefer to get medical advices online.
60% of doctors believes that social media improves the quality of care delivered to patients.
66% of doctors are use social media for professional purposes.
23% of drug companies have not addressed security and privacy in terms of social media.
119% of the YouTube traffic to hospital sites has increased year-over-year.

Health Headlines

by Vijayalakshmi V

WHO Ethics Panel Affirms Use of Experimental Ebola Drugs
A World Health Organization (WHO) ethics panel has given a unanimous green light to use experimental medications in the West Africa Ebola outbreak.But exactly how to use such medications ­­ and especially who gets them and in what circumstances ­­ remains up in the air.

Mothers in UAE urged to donate cord blood to help save lives
It is a harmless procedure that involves taking blood from a newborn’s umbilical cord.But not enough mothers are choosing to make a donation that could save the lives of others, health professionals says.The Dubai Cord Blood and Research Centre (DCRC) has been collecting stem cells to build a registry in the UAE since 2006.

Child brain facts

by JayaKrishnan

Why do we count using our fingers first and then later use our brain for the same. Gradual switch of solving problems by counting on fingers to pulling facts from memory in children is the first step of arithmetic learning. The shift comes more easily for some children than the others. The explanation of how the brain re-organizes itself as children learn math facts is now drawn from longitudinal study, new brain imaging.

Lemon as a Nail Strengthener

by Anagha Mahesh

In order to get long and healthy nails, there is a need of an enhancer which could strengthen the weak nails that tend to chip, break and peel. Constant exposure to outer environment, chemicals and excessive amount of water can weaken your nails by taking away all the moisture out.Instead of purchasing and going for an expensive nail strengthener its better to use items that are easily available in your kitchen pantry.Two very simple steps adopted for healthy nail growth:
Step 1­: Olive oil is a great ingredient. Take 3 tbsp of olive oil into a small bowl. Add a bit of lemon juice. The application of lemon juice will help make your nails look whiter and brighter.
Step 2: Place the nail strengthener in your microwave for 10 to 15 seconds, just enough to make the olive oil mixture feel warm to the touch. Remove the nail strengthener after heating and stir with a spoon.This mixture is to be rubbed on your nails throughly. The best way to apply this could be with the use of cotton balls and then covering your hand with gloves. Ideally you should do this before getting to bed at night so that this mixture stays on your nails for a longer time.

Healthy Sprouting!!

by Preema M

The practice of germinating seeds which could be eaten raw or cooked is called as Sprouting. It can be germinated at home or produced industrially irrespective of season. Sprouting is the most convenient way to have fresh vegetables for salads. Pulses can be sprouted by soaking them in water for 12­ to 24 hours and allowing them to sprout(covered in a wet cloth) for 12­ to 36 hours.

Advantages of sprouting:
* Sprouting modifies starch and improves its digestibility.
* The protein in pulses become more available to the body.
* Iron absorption is increased as a result of germination.
* Sprouting increases the vitamin C content of pulses.
* B­ complex vitamins are increased during sprouting.
* Consumption of pulses usually causes some gas production in the large intestine. Sprouting reduces this tendency.

Meet the Masters

Medical institutions, like learning establishments and religious temples, have always been sacredly held at the heart of all human civilizations as they affect the essence of life and its quality says Dr.Adnan Kaddaha ,Chairman & Managing Director, CEDARS - Jebel Ali International Hospital. He was participating in our program “Meet The Masters”.
He recollected his idea of putting up a poly clinic in Jebel Ali and then developing it into a hospital in 2004.And now the hospital is well advanced and is expanding to a 100 beds hospital with a tertiary care set up where any illness can be treated .To know who we are and to know our identical value in this globalised world of social and economic system is the advice given to the new generation by Dr Kaddaha .

Joyful news for Game lovers

by Bejoy Antony


A new research suggests that children and teenagers who play games (video games) for less than an hour a day is linked with better-adjustment. The study states that young people who engage in a little video game-playing were associated with being better adjusted than those who had never played or those who were on the video games for three hours or more.

Peanut butter Banana Sandwich

by Anjali J Menon

A dice of butter
2 tbs peanut butter
2 slices whole wheat bread
1 banana, sliced

Place a pan on the stove. Add some butter and spread over the pan with a tissue.
Take two slices of bread.
Spread 1 tbs of peanut butter onto one side of each slice of bread.
Place banana slices onto the peanut buttered side of one slice.
Place the other slice on top and press together firmly.
Fry the sandwich until golden brown on each side, about 2 minutes per side.


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