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The world's first health care television channel is now available on 28 online platforms for free of charge.
The channel is streaming live on these networks and is reacting more online views.



Meet the Masters

To create and provide reliable quality and value for our customers, partners and stake holders that will

by Leen B. Jesmas

In 2009 Sara E.Davis published a book titled “The politics of Global Health”. This book was trying to portray the global politics of health which in turn results in the spread of epidemics in third world countries. This was indeed an eye opener to the global Health community.
“International responses to the outbreak of SARS, the spread of HIV/AIDS, and the promotion of health as a human right all demonstrate how global politics have a profound effect on the way we think about and respond to major health challenges. Despite a growing interest in the relationship between health and international relations there has yet to be a systematic study of the links between them. Global Health Issues aims to fill this gap – ultimately showing how world politics can be good, or bad, for your health”, the author commented.
These observations are again significant on the out break of Ebola Virus.
What is behind the ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone ,a west African country? In West Africa itself the death toll is more than 1000 as per WHO records.
The Global Health Care Community has to find out an answer to the third world issues before the next virus spreads out.

MEDI BIZTV - A Healthy Growth

by Nikhil Raj N.

The world's first health care Television channel is now available on 28 online platforms for free of charge.
The channel is streaming live on these networks and is reaching more online views, day by day. The mobile platform of Medi BizTV is catering more than 25 million smart phone users. The list of networks is available on

Now Smart phone can count calorie content of your food!!

by Bose R.C.

Congratulation everybody! Now you can start dieting to look better in your swimsuit. Tel Aviv-based company “Consumer Physics” has developed a SCiO app, which pairs with a smart phone through Bluetooth LE, measures the calorie content in your diet. This uses near infra-red spectroscopic technique to analyse and give a real-time nutritional information on any food you wish to have. The device is not much larger than a common USB drive.
It is very simple to use, once you pair up the SCiO app to your smartphone via Bluetooth, hold the device an inch away from the food you like to analyse, and press a button. It sends a beam of its blue light onto the food, in few seconds, SCiO app will take the spectrometer reading, send it to SCiO servers, analyzes it and displays the nutritional information on your smart phone screen in an easy-to-understand manner. Additionally, this has a capacity to identify some 'over the counter' drugs also.

The Mask of Depression

by Incy Joseph

The suicide of Hollywood actor 'Robin Williams', who played in the movies Jumanji, Good Will Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire has put a spotlight on the dark side of comedy.
Experts says that, humor is a "counter phobic" response to the darkness and sadness they feel.
William had spoken about his life with addiction, alcoholism and depression. He is not the only comedian who lived with depression and addiction. Jim Norton, Marc Maron, grey Giraldo all died of drugs overdose.

The reason is that being funny is not the same being happy. Its like if they are funny all the time, they will be able to feel a little better.
In general, creativity and mental illness goes hand in hand to an extend. People with more creative side has greater rate of depression and mood disorders. This has a biological basics in the emotional center of the brain.
So, when someone is in depressed state they are less productive. Mental illness is a disease that effects brain. Its a stage when thinking is impaired and makes inadequate decisions.

Antibiotic in Chicken

by Jayakrishnan

There has been some concern that chicken meat has been contaminated with antibiotics. The research study conducted by centre for sciences and environment in New Delhi detected antibiotic traces in chicken meat. The samples were collected from Delhi area.
Cause of antibiotic in meat
When we consume such meat these antibiotics got absorbed to our body and consequently some of the bacteria that live within our body can develop resistance to these antibiotics.
Antibiotic resistance
It means that if we use a conventional antibiotic the bug does not get killed also, it thrives without being killed. So if we have a disease which caused by bacteria and when you use conventional antibiotic these smart resistant bacteria will not get killed.
Doctors advised to keep cautious if you choose a non veg diet. So that we can keep ourselves from the harms way.

Health Headlines

by Vijaylakshmi V

Watchful UAE is free of Ebola virus
The UAE remains free of the deadly Ebola virus thanks to preventive measures the country has taken, according to the Ministry of Health.There has yet to be a case of Ebola infection in the UAE, which is working with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to fight the disease, which has killed at least 961 people in the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea, Liberia and Nigeria.

Concerns over chemical contained in skin­whitening creams raised by UAE doctors
People across the country who want lighter skin are opting for skin­whitening creams, many of which contain hydroquinone, a chemical that could be harmful if used incorrectly, according to experts. The creams are widely available over the counter in the UAE.


To create and provide reliable quality and value for our customers, partners and stake holders that will improve health care outcomes and services is the motto of Gulf Drug says Zeyas Hassan Al Moosa, Managing Director and partner of the Company. He was participating in our show Meet The Masters. Gulf Drug has been there for the last 45 years catering the customers and patients care. Our aim is to be the customers preferred provider of products, services and solutions to the selected segments of the health care industry that we serve, he said.

Warm corn salad

by Saranya Sasi

Another great dip is warm corn salad, a healthy alternative to the buttery boiled corn in a cup sold in shopping malls.
Since corn is in abundance this season, you can twist with some simple ingredients and serve a bowl of creamy but light corn salad.

2 boiled corn of the cob
1 chopped onion
2 diced peppers
1 cup of cherry tomatoes
1 cup chopped avocado
½ cup diced raw mango
1 cup chopped coriander
1 tbsp lime juice
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Season with salt and pepper

Mix the above ingredients and serve fresh.


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