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MediBiz TV is a partnership of all categories IN Medical Community.We have designed our share structure in such a way that one leading brand from a particular sector will represent that sector in our partnership. If you are interested to know more details and belong to any one of the following sector,kindly write to us.

  • Medical Educational Institutions
  • Medical Colleges
  • Super Speciality Hospitals
  • Hospital Chains
  • Clinics With Specialty Services
  • Pharmaceutical Companies(USA)
  • Pharmaceutical Companies(Middle East)
  • Pharmaceutical Companies(India)
  • Specialty Medicines -Sports
  • Specialty Drugs-General
  • Diagnostic Reagents & Devices
  • Clinical Research Organizations
  • Nutraceutical Companies
  • Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers
  • Medical Associations
  • Hospital Equipments
  • Medical Insurance Companies
  • Medical & Pharma Bodies /Health Certification Bodies
  • Medical Aid /Eye Wear
  • Medical Contractors & Infrastructure Development Agencies
  • Dental/Hospital Equipments
  • Yoga
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Ayurveda
  • Homeo
  • Babycare Products
  • Infertility Clinics & Drugs
  • Medical Tourism
  • Medical Contractors
  • Food & Testing Labs
  • Cosmetic Manufacturers
  • Exporters/Importers
  • Health Clubs/Fitness Products
  • De addiction/Paliative sector
  • Medical Safety Equipment
  • Over The Counter Products
  • Alternative Therapies

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