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skin and hair protection from pool chlorine

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Posted on: 07-11-14
How to protect your skin and hair from pool chlorine

Having a dip in the swimming or relaxing in the pool during these hot scorching heat is truly a joyous moment which could also bring tensions and trauma to your hair and skin. In order to keep the pool water clean and tidy, we add chlorine to it, which is known to be a bacteria as well as a germ fighting ingredient.

Celebrity Dermatologist Kiran Lohia, Medical Director of Lumiere Dermatology, New Delhi, suggests you the ways through which you could protect your hair from getting damaged from pool chlorine. This could make you look gorgeous even as you continue to enjoy your regular course of swimming.

For skin:
Always make sure that the pH is balanced thereby it could reduce your risk of getting this pesky issue. And always wash the chlorine off your skin and hair immediately after you are done with swimming so that this chemical does no harm to your body. Also, make it a point that you apply a good body lotion just before you go to the pool in order to protect your skin. It should be done even after swimming to seal your moisture in.

For your Hair:
Chlorine content in water damages your hair texture and hair shaft. Hair has got a protective layer of it's own known as sebum that always keeps it shiny and supple. Chlorine is very harsh on hair and makes it appear dry, causing hair to break and look frizzy and aged.Preventing chlorine damage is possible. You could prevent it from damage by using a swim cap.

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