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protect your skin during winter

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Posted on: 15-10-14
How to protect your skin during winter

1. Deal with the dryness:
As the climate changes so does the pattern of your skin. The most certain and obvious change that you notice in your skin is 'dryness'. Soaked almonds made into a paste and then mixed with a few drops of honey and one tea spoon of milk cream when gently massaged on your skin will help you get rid off dryness along with a soothing feeling to your skin.

2. Face it with facials:
Regular facials and skin rejuvenating techniques are important to keep skin looking young and fresh during this time. Fruit facials are more beneficial than veg facials for young skin. A little aged or mature skin can opt for AHA cream facials that would help skin look fairer, hydrated and reduces dryness too.

3. Commit to cleansing:
Try to replace artificial things with natural things. Replace toners with cleansing milk. Instead of washing your face with plain water, wipe your face first with milk and then wash of everything along with dirt and impurities with water.

4. Lovely lips:
Lips tend to get dried easily and retains less moisture than other parts of the body. Take some fresh milk cream and add a few drops of honey to it and apply it on your lips and leave it for 15 minutes and clean it off with the help of a tissue paper. It will keep your lips hydrated for long hours.

5. Pretty hands and feet:
Keep a tube of a hand cream in your purse and use it liberally all over your hand and wrist which are mostly exposed.

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