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Posted on: 14-11-14
Overcoming Fear

Our lives today are controlled by fear more than we know. Fear controls the choices we make, our actions, our habits and even our destinies. Fear has become one of the greatest threats to humanity in this day in its many forms.

Overcoming fear – the many faces of fear
In its extremes, fear in our personal lives causes anxiety and phobias. For people with such illnesses the prison of fear can seem like a death sentence. Their lives may be totally controlled by fear, making life totally uneasy and everyday tasks a real struggle. But the effect of fear on our personal lives is more damaging that any terrorist can ever hope to achieve. Fear of life prevents most of us from living.

Overcoming fear – fear can stop you from progressing
There are those of you out there with brilliant business ideas. What holds you back is fear. You think about all the statistics of how many businesses fail every year, or what your friends and family will think of you if you quit your job to pursue your dreams. It is fear that keeps most of us in jobs we do not enjoy and, sometimes, that don’t even meet our financial needs.

Overcoming fear – the futility of playing it safe
Remember that no matter how “safe” you play it one fate awaits us all. That is death. Whether you take a risk or not you will die. So of what benefit is it to you to be under the yoke of fear and live a life that is way below your potential? Use your life wisely. Free your mind from fear and worry and go for it.

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